Health & Human Services

Farmers Markets are Growing Their Role as Essential Sources of Healthy Food For Rich and Poor

COMMENTARY | Many farmers markets enjoyed their strongest-ever sales in 2020.

Health & Human Services

Covid-19 Delta Variant FAQs for Government Leaders

Answers for state and local officials, including should residents keep wearing a mask if they are vaccinated to why are vaccinated people still contracting the virus.

Health & Human Services

Amid State Hospital Closures, a Federal Funding Plan to Shore Up Mental Health Staffing

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam proposed a $485 million spending package to increase high turnover and vacancies at state-run behavioral hospitals, which have struggled during the pandemic.

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A Guide to Modern IT Operations: Four Keys to Success

CIO and IT executives are quickly coming to realize that most legacy tools and processes are inefficient and are not aligned with current digital transformation efforts.

Tech & Data

Algorithm Could Improve How Self-Driving Cars Take on Narrow Streets

Researchers have created a new algorithm that could help self-driving cars get around on narrow, crowded streets.


Why Managers Fear a Remote-Work Future

COMMENTARY | Like it or not, the way we work has already evolved.

Tech & Data

It's a Pivotal Moment for Expanding High-Speed Internet Access

The pandemic highlighted gaps with service. But cities are pursuing innovative solutions and there’s new federal money available for upgrading networks.

Health & Human Services

The Fittest Cities in the U.S.

The American College of Sports Medicine’s fitness index ranks the nation’s largest cities based on how well they can support healthy living for their residents.


Federal Relief Funds Can Ensure Equitable Recovery for Small Businesses

Government officials can leverage federal dollars to help locally owned companies that were impacted by the pandemic, including those owned by women and minorities, a panel said Thursday at Route Fifty’s Future Cities event.


White House Says CDC Eviction Ban Will Expire Saturday

President Biden said he would have supported an extension of the moratorium but the administration was bound by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Tech & Data

Pandemic Has Left Public Sector IT Exposed to Cyberattacks

The single largest risk factor reported by respondents is the influx in remote work, according to a recent technology report.


Republican Legislators Curb Authority of County, State Election Officials

Many election officials resisted White House pressure to overturn the 2020 results.

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Managing the Complexities of Multi-Cloud Environments

Managing the complexities of a multi-cloud environment can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are tools and experts available to provide critical tools in the form of solutions and insights.


Companies Want Remote Workers in All States but One

Businesses such as Nike and Oracle are happy to let you work from home—just not in Colorado.

Tech & Data

New Data Show Major Broadband Gaps in Smaller Counties

But even larger places have issues with inadequate internet service, according to a National Association of Counties report.


Senate Lawmakers Reach Agreement on Infrastructure Package

The proposal has cleared a key procedural vote, which will allow it to advance.


In One State, Fish Populations Take Flight

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources drops thousands of fish from airplanes into lakes to maintain populations in high-altitude, hard-to-reach areas. Almost all of them survive.


The Time Tax

Why is so much American bureaucracy left to average citizens?

Health & Human Services

Students and Staff Should Mask Up in Schools, CDC Recommends

The CDC revised mask wearing guidance on Tuesday to help contain the spread of Covid-19. But nine states ban school districts from enacting mask mandates.


This Week in Federal Funding

In the latest edition, we talk with urbanist Bruce Katz about ways local governments can strategize to take full advantage of new federal dollars and why he made a comparison between pandemic aid and the Amazon HQ2 competition.