Health & Human Services

Wildfires’ Toxic Air Leaves Damage Long After the Smoke Clears

Toxic air from fires has blanketed California and the Pacific Northwest for weeks now.

CDC Officials Say Agency Didn’t Write Controversial Covid Testing Guidance, Report Says

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | People in flooded Florida neighborhoods waited for rescue on Thursday, the day after Hurricane Sally slammed coast … Salt Lake City considers new restrictions on military equipment purchases by police … Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly suggested prosecutors charge Seattle mayor.

There Won’t Be a Clear End to the Pandemic

The collective sense of closure we’re all longing for may never arrive. Instead, brace for a slow fade into a new normal.

Tough to Tell COVID From Smoke Inhalation Symptoms — And Flu Season’s Coming

Up and down the West Coast, hospitals and health facilities are reporting an influx of patients with problems most likely related to smoke inhalation.

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New Tools Help State and Local Governments Battle Ransomware, Other Big Disasters

When governments find themselves being ransomed, their choices are typically to pay, which will undercut their ability to deliver key services to their communities due to budget restrictions, or not pay, resulting in the immediate inability to serve their communities and the loss of key data that will inevitably plague them for years afterwards.

When It Comes to Our Current Housing Crisis, Cities Can’t Wait for the Federal Government to Help

COMMENTARY | State and local leaders have options to alleviate housing insecurity amid the pandemic.

Covid Exodus Fills Vacation Towns With New Medical Pressures

As people stick around in posh destinations used to only dealing with tourist influxes for one season, some local leaders are worried about strains on medical facilities both for newcomers and longtime residents.

Kids Are Missing Critical Windows for Lead Testing Due to Pandemic

Testing fell far short of recommendations in many parts of the country even before the pandemic.

What a Smoky Bar Can Teach Us about the '6-Foot Rule' During the Pandemic

COMMENTARY | It’s important to understand the rule's limitations.

What Is the Risk of Catching the Coronavirus on a Plane?

The risk for infection depends largely on policies airlines may have in place regarding passenger seating, masking and boarding time.

America Is Trapped in a Pandemic Spiral

As the U.S. heads toward the winter, the country is going round in circles, making the same conceptual errors that have plagued it since spring.

Poll: Over Half of Households in America's Biggest Cities Dealing With Financial Difficulties

Budget problems, which have coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, are especially acute for Black and Latino residents.

America Doesn’t Have a Coherent Strategy for Asymptomatic Testing. It Needs One.

While it battles a virus that can spread quickly via silent carriers, the United States has yet to execute a strategy for testing asymptomatic people. This is a problem — and ProPublica health reporter Caroline Chen explains why.

With Schools Starting Online, Vaccinations Head for Recess

Public health officials have relied on schools as a means to control vaccine-preventable diseases for over a century.

New York May Order Colleges With Over 100 Virus Cases to Stop In-Person Classes

The new policy comes as colleges and universities across the U.S. are seeing coronavirus outbreaks.

The Silent Suffering of Cafeteria Workers

As schools navigate reopening for the fall, most coverage has focused on the safety of students and teachers. But another group on campus is also at risk.

Lawmakers Consider Staffing Mandates to Reduce Stress and Burnout for Nurses

More than two-thirds of state lawmakers in New York have signed onto a bill that would require nurse-to-patient ratios, which supporters say would reduce burnout and improve medical outcomes for patients.

Will Labor Day Weekend Bring Another Holiday COVID Surge?

Epidemiologists are having a hard time predicting whether Labor Day will be like the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, when celebrations fanned the flames in coronavirus hot spots around the South and West.

New York City to Set Up Random Covid Testing at Schools

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Michigan streamlines benefits renewal form … Another mayor moves after home protests … Los Angeles firefighter believed to be kidnapped in Mexico.

It Could Be Hard to Get Compensated for Injuries Related to the Coronavirus Vaccine

With drugmakers shielded from most liability in court and injury claims routed to a rarely-used federal compensation program, experts are raising concerns about whether there will be sufficient relief available for vaccine-related injuries.

Why Black Aging Matters, Too

“People are talking about the race disparity in Covid deaths, they’re talking about the age disparity, but they’re not talking about how race and age disparities interact: They’re not talking about older Black adults."