Health & Human Services

Federal Judge Rejects Work Requirement Changes in Food Stamp Program

Nineteen states and Washington, D.C., had filed a lawsuit challenging the USDA's changes to food assistance, which would have cut 700,000 adults from the program.

Cities Declared Racism a Public Health Crisis. What Now?

This summer, many local governments approved resolutions declaring racism to be a public health crisis. Why now? And what comes next?

The Third Coronavirus Surge Has Arrived

This week’s Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations make clear that the U.S. is once again sinking deeper into the pandemic.

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New Tools Help State and Local Governments Battle Ransomware, Other Big Disasters

When governments find themselves being ransomed, their choices are typically to pay, which will undercut their ability to deliver key services to their communities due to budget restrictions, or not pay, resulting in the immediate inability to serve their communities and the loss of key data that will inevitably plague them for years afterwards.

County Program Offers Grants to Help People Pay for Funerals

Residents in Maricopa County, Arizona, can apply for up to $1,200 toward funeral expenses if they've lost a loved one and also suffered financial losses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 Cases Dropped by 75% in One State After Local Leaders Were Allowed to Require Masks

A CDC report said the drop followed a spike in cases in Arizona after the state's stay-at-home order expired, underscoring the utility of face coverings in curbing spread of the disease.

Are Americans Losing Trust in the FDA?

Experts worry that politically-motivated acts by the Trump administration will undermine Covid-19 therapies.

As Californians Get Older and Less Mobile, Fires Get Hotter and Faster

For many older people who no longer drive, escaping quickly can be a particular challenge.

A State Project to Map Overdoses in Real Time

A statewide project in Connecticut takes reports of suspected opioid overdoses from first responders and maps them in real time, helping community partners better direct their services to high-risk areas.

How to Keep a Fall Surge From Becoming a Winter Catastrophe

COMMENTARY | What we can learn from other countries to avoid the worst-case scenario

Black Doctors Work to Make Coronavirus Testing More Equitable

Many Black Americans seek out Black providers because they’ve experienced cultural indifference or mistreatment in the health system.

Schools Aren’t Super-Spreaders

COMMENTARY | Fears from the summer appear to have been overblown.

Covid-19 ‘Long-Haulers’ Worry About Coverage, Costs

Experts say more attention needs to be paid to people who are living for months with debilitating symptoms after contracting Covid-19, including many who aren't well enough to return to work.

Wisconsin Prepares to Open Field Hospital, as Several States See Troubling Trends With Virus

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Texas high court blocks unsolicited mail-in ballot applications … Seattle Human Rights Commission calls for mayor’s ouster … Possibility of $200 million in workforce cuts looming in Chicago … Snow days nixed for Bangor students.

Distrusting Trump, States Plan to Vet COVID Vaccines Themselves. Bad Idea, Say Experts.

At least six states and the District of Columbia have indicated they intend to review the scientific data for any vaccine approved to fight COVID-19.

5 Things to Know About a Covid Vaccine: It Won’t Be a ‘Magic Wand’

Unfortunately, even with an approved vaccine begins to be dispensed, we still will need to mask up and maintain other precautions.

Local, State Officials Scramble to Recreate Covid-19 Restrictions After Court Strikes Michigan Governor’s Orders

The Michigan Supreme Court found that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer did not have the authority to extend emergency coronavirus orders this spring, invalidating dozens of restrictions she put in place without collaboration with state lawmakers.

Fearing the Future of Roe v. Wade, New Jersey Moves to Protect Abortion Access

Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday that lawmakers would introduce a package of legislation to enshrine reproductive health care into state law.

With Covid-19, Vaccine Messaging Faces an Unprecedented Test

A vaccine is coming at some point. Will public health messaging be enough to convince Americans to get it?

Iowa Relaxes Quarantine Policy Against CDC Guidance—But It Depends on Masks

Iowa students, teachers and business employees will no longer be asked to quarantine after coming in contact with people later diagnosed with coronavirus, but only if everybody wore masks.