Amid Surge in Cases, States Turn to Field Hospitals

Health care systems in many states are overwhelmed by the number of Covid-19 patients. Some states are building field hospitals or reopening ones built earlier in the pandemic.

Heading Off the Next Pandemic

Multitudes of unknown viruses, some possibly highly pathogenic, dwell in wildlife around the world.

During the Pandemic, Teachers’ Mental Health is Suffering in Ways They’ve Never Experienced

The burden is most acute for teachers who are mothers, and steering both their students and their own children through online learning.

Researchers Examining Covid Vaccine Barriers, Skepticism in Five Communities

Johns Hopkins Center for Health is overseeing the project, which researchers hope can help state and local governments address challenges in distributing the coronavirus vaccine to the general public.

A Decrease in Student Transfers Could Have Lasting Effects on Education Mobility

Transfers by college students decreased by 8%, with disproportionate impacts to minorities and community-college students, according to research from the National Student Clearinghouse.

Where Year Two of the Pandemic Will Take Us

As vaccines roll out, the U.S. will face a choice about what to learn and what to forget.

Health Officials Fear Pandemic-Related Suicide Spike Among Native Youth

Native American young people die by suicide at almost twice the rate of their white peers. Mental health experts are worried the pandemic could make that disparity even worse.

My Emergency Room Is Full of Patients No Vaccine Can Help

COMMENTARY | Even with a speedy rollout, many Americans will die of the coronavirus before they can get vaccinated.

Why It Matters that the Coronavirus Is Changing—and What This Means for Vaccine Effectiveness

COMMENTARY | The question is therefore not whether the vaccines will be effective, but rather how effective they will be.

Rio Grande Hospital Workers Turned Down the Vaccine. A Senator and a Sheriff’s Deputy Lined Up Instead.

So many workers at a hospital in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley declined the new COVID-19 vaccine that the facility offered doses to other medical workers in the region. It turns out, the vaccine ended up going to non-medical personnel as well.

Inside the First Chaotic Days of the Effort to Vaccinate America

After missteps in Washington, each state and county is left to juggle where to send vaccines first and how to get them to each nursing home, hospital local health department and even school.

The Mysterious Link Between Covid-19 and Sleep

The coronavirus can cause insomnia and long-term changes in our nervous systems. But sleep could also be a key to ending the pandemic.

As Biden Gets Sworn In, White House Will Get Scrubbed Down

The executive mansion will get a deep clean after two COVID-19 outbreaks this fall led to President Donald Trump and members of his staff and family becoming infected.

COVID-19 Eased Drug Treatment Rules—And That Saved Lives

A deadly year could have been much worse without phone counseling options.

No More ICU Beds at the Main Public Hospital in the Nation’s Largest County

Similar scenes — packed wards, overworked medical staffers, harried administrators and grieving families — are playing out in hospitals across the state and the nation.

Hang On for Three More Months

COMMENTARY | Some simple advice for anyone contemplating a holiday gathering: Wait until March.

Teen Vaping Shows Signs of Leveling Off After Sharp Rise

A recent survey of teenagers also found that marijuana use was relatively stable in the early part of this year and that cigarette smoking was at historic lows.

Biden Urges Governors to Support Reopening Schools by April

In a virtual call with members of the National Governors Association, President-elect Joe Biden reiterated his desire for most schools to return to in-person learning in the first 100 days of his administration.

The Covid Detection Method That's Been Right Under Our Noses—Literally

Four dogs in Hawaii are training to detect Covid-19 by scent, part of a large international research study to determine whether it's possible—and how it might be used.