Public Safety

Four Ways to Improve Refugee Resettlement in the US

COMMENTARY | Geopolitical unrest and the detrimental impacts of climate change will continue to increase the flow of refugees requiring resettlement. Here’s how state and local governments and nonprofits can effectively prepare to meet increased demand.

House GOP Will Try to Block D.C. Police Reforms

After successfully overturning the district’s criminal code rewrite, House Republicans are now targeting police reforms passed by the city council.

Justice Launches $8M Smart Policing Grant Program

State, local, tribal and campus law enforcement agencies can apply for funds to develop, implement and test new technologies that support community violence intervention and promote information sharing and data transparency.

Congress Overturns D.C.’s Criminal Code Rewrite

In total, 31 Democrats voted to block the Washington, D.C., law despite their strong support for home rule.

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New Tools Help State and Local Governments Battle Ransomware, Other Big Disasters

When governments find themselves being ransomed, their choices are typically to pay, which will undercut their ability to deliver key services to their communities due to budget restrictions, or not pay, resulting in the immediate inability to serve their communities and the loss of key data that will inevitably plague them for years afterwards.

Democrats Plan to Take Another Pass at Cannabis Banking Bill

They are hoping a bill sponsored by Democratic and Republican senators will be more successful and finally address local governments’ concerns about crime.

Bill Overturning D.C.'s Criminal Code Rewrite Appears Likely to Pass Congress

The White House defended President Biden’s decision not to veto the measure, which has angered many in the district.

State & Local Roundup: Concerns About Crime Weigh Heavily on Voters in Mayoral Races

Plus: An effort to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution stalls; Illinois tackles mental health in kids; remote work saps revenue in D.C.; states prepare to reduce Medicaid rolls; and more news you can use from around the country.

New Tool to Help Cities Make the Case for Public Safety Funding

The Black-led coalition behind the online tool is also launching an effort to reduce gun homicides in 12 cities by 20% over the next five years. Its inaugural cohort includes Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Indianapolis and Newark.

Have Thoughts on Criminal Justice Data Collection?

As part of a larger effort to build trust between police and local communities, the White House issued a request for information to better understand how law enforcement agencies collect and use data.

How Communities Balance Speed and Safety on the Roads

COMMENTARY | Many solutions to slow down traffic elongate travel times. However, several compromise solutions exist that allow travelers to reach their destination quickly and improve road safety.

As Texas Booms, Local Governments — Especially in Small Towns — Struggle to Find Workers

A cascade of issues including inflation and growing distrust in government aren’t helping local governments hire for critical positions in public safety and utilities.

Republicans in Congress Move to Block Washington, D.C.'s Local Criminal Code Rewrite

The disagreement over changes to the district's sentencing guidelines reflects a nationwide debate. And while the move by House lawmakers to override D.C.'s authority has little chance of final approval, it has still upset local officials.

Bias Trainings for Police Don't Change Behavior

"Our findings suggest that diversity training as it is currently practiced is unlikely to change police behavior."

Texas Governor Hires 'Border Czar' to Accelerate Wall Construction

Mike Banks, a recently retired Border Patrol agent, will work with the Texas National Guard and state troopers to find ways to deter people from crossing the border illegally.

Pain of Police Killings Traumatizes Black People and Communities Across US

COMMENTARY | Evidence shows that many Black Americans experience police killings of other Black people as traumatic events, and that this trauma diminishes the ability of Black communities to thrive.

Michigan to Automatically Expunge Some Criminal Records Under ‘Clean Slate’ Program

State officials will automatically allow for certain convictions to be expunged in an effort to remove hurdles to jobs and housing.

What the Mayors Discussed When They Met With Biden

Immigration and how cities are spending federal funding were among the topics that came up during the White House meeting.

'We Need a Plan': Mayors Want Biden to Take Action On Migrant Crisis

Democratic and Republican mayors are pushing for major reforms. New York City Mayor Eric Adams spoke to Route Fifty about his efforts to coordinate with other city leaders on the issue.

New Law Will Cap Phone Call Prices in Prisons and Jails

It marks a major win for advocates who have for years argued incarcerated people are getting overcharged for calls. But it will also crimp a revenue source for states and localities.