Nebraska DOT Seeks Witty Traffic Messages

A Mother's Day safety message from the Nebraska Department of Transportation

A Mother's Day safety message from the Nebraska Department of Transportation Nebraska Department of Transportation


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The winning entries will be displayed on electronic message boards on the state’s highways and interstates on Fridays through September.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation is seeking submissions for witty, light-hearted messages about safe driving to display on electronic billboards along major highways and interstates.

The call for submissions is part of the state’s “Friday Safety Message” campaign, as the winning entries will be displayed—you guessed it—on Fridays.

Past messages have been related to holidays (“DRIVE EGG-CELLENT SOME-BUNNY NEEDS YOU”) or sports events, including March Madness (“BUSTED BRACKETS ARE NO EXCUSE FOR ROAD RAGE”). But others are just witty (“THAT SEATBELT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU”).

To fit properly on the message boards, submissions must be limited to three lines of text with a maximum of 18 characters each, including spaces. They must be related to traffic safety (suggested topics include distracted driving prevention, work zone safety, seatbelts and event themes, such as holidays, movie releases and sporting events). And all submissions must also be appropriate for all age groups.

“Keep it clean!” urges the DOT website. “Only submit ideas you would be comfortable explaining to kids or your grandma. Any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, harassing, bullying, threatening, or unlawful messages will be disqualified.”

Submissions will be accepted here through June 8. The winning entries will be used from now through September.

Kate Elizabeth Queram is a Staff Correspondent for Government Executive’s Route Fifty and is based in Washington, D.C.

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