Tech & Data

An AI Tool Can Distinguish Between a Conspiracy Theory and a True Conspiracy

COMMENTARY | It comes down to how easily the story falls apart.

Ready or Not, 5G is Coming: Governments Need To Be Prepared Today

COMMENTARY | 5G will revolutionize government operations. State and local governments must start preparing for it now to ensure they can maximize its benefits.

States Launch Broadband Grant Programs with CARES Act Money

Experts say broadband infrastructure projects will be more helpful in improving connectivity in the long run than the type of WiFi deployments that were quickly rolled out at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Eliminate Manual Processes Route and Approve Invoices from Anywhere

Today’s finance teams carry a heavy burden, supporting everything from growth strategies to long-term planning – all while continuously delivering monthly and quarterly numbers and keeping cash flowing. But even as demands on finance departments grow, many still spend excessive time using paper, spreadsheets, and e-mails to process vendor invoices, approvals, and payments.

Three Ways Governments Can Maximize Covid-19 Funding Now

COMMENTARY | One of the most important things state and local governments can do with their remaining Covid-19 funding is to invest in digitization.

3 Reasons for Information Exhaustion—and What to Do About It

COMMENTARY | Uncertainty, polarization and misinformation can make you miserable if you don't find ways to cope.

Smart Concrete Could Pave the Way for High-Tech, Cost-Effective Roads

COMMENTARY | The life of structures could be extended, however, if damages were monitored in real time and fixed early on.

For America’s New Mayors, a Chance to Lead with Data

COMMENTARY | The challenges facing local governments are bigger than ever and tackling them will require building cultures inside city halls committed to using data and making decisions based on evidence.

Biden’s Top Priorities Offer Few Clues for Technology Policies

Washington policy experts believe President-elect Joe Biden’s approach to big tech companies and regulation may differ from both the Trump and Obama administrations.

Top Tech Companies Begin Pushing Priorities for Biden Administration

Microsoft, IBM and other companies urged the president-elect to consider policies for boosting workforce development, solving the pandemic and addressing biometrics in surveillance.

IoT Security Bill Nears Passage as New Consortium Tackles Open 5G

Government officials are thinking about how the use of drones as part of the network infrastructure will affect security.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Server: Preparing Network Infrastructure for Future Elections

COMMENTARY | Elections are times of both predictable and unpredictable surges in IT infrastructure strain. Adequately preparing for this reality ahead of time is imperative for state IT leaders.

NIH to Study How Much (More) Americans Are Drinking Alcohol During Pandemic

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism contracted for a second study to get better data about how the pandemic is affecting Americans’ drinking habits.

QAnon Is Winning

Conspiracy thinking in America had a huge night on Tuesday.

A Big 2020 Election Hack Never Came. Here’s Why.

America’s cyber defenders are getting more proactive—and more chatty.

California Voters Approve Carveout for Lyft and Uber Drivers from State Labor Law

Tech companies spent heavily on a campaign for the measure, which labor groups say is flawed. Supporters say it provides a template for “gig worker” regulations in other states.

U.S. Elections Are Safer from Foreign Interference, But Gaps Remain

Four years after a big wake-up call, federal, state, and local governments are working harder and more closely to ward off threats.

Self-Driving Shuttles Are Set to Be Deployed at Yellowstone National Park in 2021

The National Park Service is exploring emerging, autonomous technologies through a new pilot program that the public can opt to participate in.

Days Before Election, Officials Work to Combat Misinformation

Election officials across the country are waging public information campaigns and utilizing technology to fight misinformation campaigns ahead of Tuesday's election.