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Amanda Mull


People Liked Malls

COMMENTARY | Amazon appears to have discovered that the fastest, freest shipping is picking stuff up in person.


Americans Got Tired of Looking Bad on Zoom

The pandemic’s at-home workers are discovering what internet influencers have long known: If you want to be taken seriously, get good lighting.


The Difference Between Feeling Safe and Being Safe

When no one agrees on reality in a pandemic, it’s hard to figure out what to fear.


Generation Work-From-Home May Never Recover

The social and economic costs borne by young people without offices.


The End of Open-Plan Everything

Personal space is finally back in style, but re-creating it after two decades of its destruction is hardly a straightforward task.


The High Cost of Panic-Moving

Fleeing a big city because of the pandemic is a bigger gamble than it might seem.


What Hollywood Boycotts Would Really Do to Georgia

COMMENTARY | Production companies’ threats to abandon the state in protest of a new abortion law put their own workers at risk.


Workers Love AirPods Because Employers Stole Their Walls

In the open-plan office, wireless headphones are the new cubicles.


The CBD Crackdown Has Begun

In New York City and beyond, health departments are stopping restaurants from dosing customers with cannabidiol.