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J. Weston Phippen


The Tables Have Been Turned on Sheriff Joe Arpaio

A federal judge has found the former Maricopa County, Arizona, lawman guilty of contempt of court.


The Businesses Against the Texas Bathroom Bill

IBM on Monday said it would send top executives to persuade state lawmakers to drop their cause.

Public Safety

Honolulu High-Rise Blaze Raises Questions About Fire Code Regulations

Officials said if the building had sprinklers, it’s likely no one would have died.


Voters Weigh In on Puerto Rico's 51st State Plan

Voters overwhelmingly supported the decision, but there was dismal turnout.


The Supreme Court Rules Cities Can Be Victims of Housing Discrimination

Miami’s lawsuit against Bank of America and Wells Fargo now returns to a federal appeals court in Atlanta.


A Lawsuit Accuses Black Lives Matter of Inciting a 'War on Police'

The father of a slain Dallas officer brought the suit, which calls the organization a “violent and revolutionary criminal gang.”


The Trials of Sheriff Joe

Years of racial profiling and ignoring a federal judge’s order to stop his immigration sweeps may have finally caught up


The Pieing of a U.S. Mayor

Kevin Johnson, the Sacramento mayor and former NBA player, punched a man in the face after being hit with a pie.


Florida's Zika Image Problem

Governor Rick Scott declared victory over the virus in a small Miami neighborhood and businesses rejoiced—but nearby, two people had recently become infected.


Can 1,000 More Officers Solve Chicago's Homicide Problem?

This is the city’s largest police-hiring surge since the 1980s.


Justice Department Says This California Border Town Needs to Overhaul Its Police Department

The investigation into the Calexico Police Department started a year ago, after a complaint alleging police officers kidnapped and beat a citizen.