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Michael Desmond

Michael Desmond is an editor and writer for 1105 Media's Enterprise Computing Group.
Digital Government

Microsoft demos Universal Windows Platform

The Universal Windows Platform provides a core API layer across devices, making it easier for developers to extend Android and iOS apps to the new Windows 10 operating system.


First preview of IE 10 is here

Microsoft has debuted the first platform preview of IE 10, just four weeks after the final version of Internet Explorer 9 was released.


Microsoft debuts visual tool for non-programmers

Microsoft said it is readying a tool that will let non-programmers develop desktop- and cloud-based business apps.


Microsoft launches Expression Studio 4

Microsoft updates its Web and application design suite with streamlined features and support for Visual Studio 2010 projects.


Silverlight 4 officially launched

Microsoft releases shipping version of Silverlight 4 with a focus on ease and speed of development.