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Zoya Teirstein


EPA finalizes new standards for deadly particulate matter

The restrictions on soot pollution will prevent thousands of premature deaths every year. Industry groups say it will hurt local economies.


Why the United States undercounts climate-driven deaths

A number of limitations prevent health departments from identifying an accurate climate-related death count. Experts say the lack of robust data coverage could hamper state and local governments' ability to implement preventative measures.


Warming Temperatures Trigger Earliest Spring on Record in Parts of Eastern US

Unseasonably early blooms can wreak havoc on allergies, disease vectors and agriculture.


Minnesota to Require 100% Carbon-free Electricity by 2040

Utilities can use a mix of solar, wind, hydropower, nuclear, hydrogen power, and biomass—energy obtained from burning wood and trash—to meet the 2040 goal.


Record-breaking Heat Wave Sprawls Across US

Medical experts worry that extreme heat is exacting a rising and deadly toll on public health.


North Carolina House That Collapsed Into the Sea is a Warning for Millions of Americans

States and the federal government can do more to protect homebuyers, like reforming flood disclosure laws.