Health & Human Services

Why I Am On a Mission to Address My City's Mental Health Crisis

COMMENTARY | The federal government is failing Americans by not offering sufficient mental health resources. As mayor of Reno, Nevada, it's my job to do something. And it's personal.

A Vanishing Breed: Republicans in the Statehouse Who Support Abortion

Once common around the country, state Republicans lawmakers who publicly back legalized abortion have become political unicorns. But some are not going away quietly.

National Public Health Emergency to Last Until At Least October

The eventual end of the emergency is poised to have major ramifications for Medicaid and nutrition assistance programs.

Republican State Lawmakers Prepare to Quickly Limit Abortion Access if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

Through the courts, new bills and special sessions, Republican state lawmakers are working to make sure they are ready to limit access as soon as is legally permissible.

States are Taking Action to Rein in Prescription Drug Prices

A New Jersey bill capping out-of-pocket expenses for insulin and asthma inhalers is among the latest proposals. Broader efforts remain bogged down in Congress.

Influx of Calls to Suicide Prevention Hotline Could Test Some States

The 988 emergency phone system has widespread support. But its launch comes after decades of lagging investment overall in mental health services.

A City Seeks to Undo a Legacy of Trauma

A Baltimore law requires agencies that interact with children and families to receive training in trauma-informed care. It's changing how the city engages with residents, with a greater emphasis on healing rather than hardline policies.

Deadly Bird Flu Sweeps States, Straining Farmers

Millions of poultry have been killed in the 29 states affected by the avian flu.

Distrust Keeps Families on SNAP From Buying Groceries Online

COMMENTARY | When buying groceries online, families eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits are less likely to purchase both healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, and sweets, a new study shows.

Cities With the Worst Air Pollution in the US

More than 40% of people live in places with unhealthy air quality, according to a recent report.

Staring at an Image of Yourself on Zoom Has Serious Consequences for Mental Health – Especially for Women

COMMENTARY | Mirrors, selfies and knowing other people are looking at you all cause people to think of themselves as objects. Video calls are all three in one and are likely increasing the harms of self-objectification.

Why Pandemic Food and Medicaid Benefits Could Soon an End

The federal government is again extending a health emergency keeping the extra aid in place, but this could be the last time.

Cities That Pose the Most and Least Challenges for Allergy Sufferers

A Pennsylvania city tops the list of the most challenging places for those with seasonal allergies and a Washington city offers the least symptoms, according to a recent report.

The ‘Massive’ Task Awaiting State Medicaid Agencies

The end of a public health emergency would mean states losing hundreds of billions in funding for the health care program, and verifying whether millions of enrollees are still eligible.

The Subtle Psychology of ‘Nudging’ During a Pandemic

For years, the U.S. and U.K. governments embraced the concept of nudges to change social behavior. Then came Covid-19.

Why This Governor is Optimistic His State Will Soon Expand Medicaid

Gov. Roy Cooper, of North Carolina, noted during a Route Fifty event that Republican opposition in his state is "thawing" when it comes to opening the program to more low-income residents. The state is one of 12 that hasn't expanded Medicaid.

Arizona’s Statehouse Lifted Covid Precautions. Two Lawmakers Worry About What It Means for Their Family.

They’re navigating decisions familiar to many parents with children too young to be vaccinated, worrying about risk as guidance on how to deal with the pandemic changes.

As Nurses Quit, States Seek to Train More

A sense of crisis powered efforts to increase nurse training and licensure this year.

Lacking Mental Health Support, First Responders Turn to Peers

Covid-19 revealed a mental health crisis among health care workers. A peer support group in Colorado is trying to help.

Collaboration Provides Effective Approach to State's Human Services

Oklahoma is on the cutting edge of a national trend bringing foundations, nonprofits and the Department of Human Services together to help residents in need.