As cyberattacks grow, cyber insurance is increasingly out of reach for many municipalities

Experts caution that governments need to recalibrate their cyber risk management approaches by emphasizing employee training and taking a whole-of-state approach.

How one state pushes cybersecurity to local agencies

Arizona’s whole-of-state cybersecurity program gives local governments free access to cloud-based cybersecurity tools—an approach that extends security and helps build a problem-solving community.

Arkansas social media age verification law struck down by federal court

Law would’ve been the first to restrict social network access based on age and parental permission.

US water infrastructure ‘unsustainable’ amid rapidly evolving crisis, report warns

The United States is facing an unsustainable demand for water and lacks the security posture to defend the nation’s water systems from emerging threats, according to a new report.

3 low-risk, low-budget ways state and local governments can protect their data

COMMENTARY | By taking advantage of federal resources and leaning into autonomous technology and cybersecurity education, agencies can keep constituent data safe.

States ramp up software security standards amid growing threats

Collaboration among states to tighten the security of cloud software is increasing under the nationwide program StateRAMP. Meanwhile, Texas is embracing its own certification effort after several high-profile cyber incidents.

Feds prioritizing on-site K-12 cybersecurity reviews this school year

The nation’s cyber defense agency is aiming to work with schools “where they’re at instead of where they should be.” 

The fallout from the MOVEit hack continues as more agencies announce breaches

A Colorado health department said recently more than 4 million patients’ data had been accessed. But the real challenge awaits state and local governments as they look to patch vulnerabilities before more criminals exploit them.

Three years since the start of the pandemic, unemployment insurance fraud is still a multibillion dollar problem

Several states have recently reported increases in fraudulent claims. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade systems, emerging threats are putting pressure on states to modernize even further.

Feds seek help on harmonizing cyber regulations

The White House issued a request for information last month, having previously called for more alignment between various levels of government in its National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Cyber grant program gets a big funding boost

Nearly $375 million, or double the amount of money as last year, has been allocated to a federal initiative looking to help state and local governments address cybersecurity risks.

An underused approach to fighting cyberattacks

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center offers free services to help localities with cybersecurity. Why aren’t more governments using them?

Why computer security guidelines are so unclear

COMMENTARY | Cybersecurity guidelines are often riddled with excessive or confusing information, spurring a need for clearer instructions from trustworthy sources to better mitigate system vulnerabilities.

Public sector slow to respond to cyberattacks, report finds

It takes government agencies more than 225 days to identify a cyber threat and 92 days to contain it, but AI and automation could significantly reduce that time.

US power grid faces escalating cyber threats, infrastructure experts warn

The power grid is experiencing heightened threats from foreign adversaries and domestic extremist groups that can pose devastating consequences for the nation’s supply of electricity. 

Creating a framework for secure-by-design software development

COMMENTARY | State and local IT leaders can proactively address potential threats by prioritizing throughout the development process, regularly evaluating data security policies and keeping an inventory of software components.

Don’t fear AI, but prepare for its wider use

Governments should help build a talent pipeline for artificial intelligence jobs, one expert advises.

Louisiana driver’s licenses, auto registrations targeted in massive data breach

The attack targeted a vulnerability in the popular MOVEit file transfer tool.

Why you should consider outcome-based security

Agencies can better align their cybersecurity and business priorities when they have affordable risk management solutions that deliver measurable results.

Lawmakers advocate more funds for state fusion centers

Better information sharing across regions and state lines could help counter growing cyberthreats and help law enforcement collaborate, House members said.