Law Enforcement

Have Thoughts on Criminal Justice Data Collection?

As part of a larger effort to build trust between police and local communities, the White House issued a request for information to better understand how law enforcement agencies collect and use data.

Pain of Police Killings Traumatizes Black People and Communities Across US

COMMENTARY | Evidence shows that many Black Americans experience police killings of other Black people as traumatic events, and that this trauma diminishes the ability of Black communities to thrive.

What It’s Like for a State Wildlife Agency to Star in a Reality TV Show

Nuisance bears, rabid skunks, search and rescue. Duties are seldom dull for New Hampshire Fish and Game. But for nine seasons the department added a twist to its operations, participating in the show “North Woods Law.”

Algorithm Analyzes Escort Ads to Detect Human Trafficking

Researchers have developed an algorithm that identifies similarities in escort advertisements, which often indicates trafficking behavior.

Federal Agencies Detail Their Priorities in Battling the Fentanyl Epidemic

Fentanyl seizures at the border have increased tenfold over the last three years.

Philadelphia Mayor's Ban on Guns in Parks and Rec Centers Criticized as ‘Meaningless’

Critics question whether Mayor Jim Kenney's executive order can be effective given state firearms laws. It comes after a parks and recreation worker was struck by a stray bullet and killed.

Democrats Strike Deal to Boost Funding for Police

The package would provide new federal dollars for hiring officers, as well as violence prevention initiatives and job training.

Democrats at ‘Impasse’ Over Added Funding for Police Grants

The money would go to local departments, which are struggling to hire and retain officers. Centrists in the U.S. House want more spending as progressives push for stronger police accountability measures.

Trump Wades Deep Into State and Local Matters During DC Speech

The former president's remarks focused heavily on public safety, as he put forward proposals like moving the homeless to tent cities, hiring thousands of police and overriding governors unwilling to deploy the National Guard.

Amazon Admits to Giving Police Ring Footage Without Owners’ Permission

The smart-doorbell company, which has partnered with more than 2,000 law enforcement agencies, said in a letter that it shared multiple videos with police departments without first seeking user consent.

State and Local Leaders Call for Overhaul of Nation’s 911 System

A group that includes mayors, police chiefs and state officials wants to rethink who should respond to calls for help.

The States That Passed Laws This Year to Curb LGBTQ Rights

There’s been a wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation, much of it directed at transgender youth. “Our community has been under attack,” says one advocate.

In Pennsylvania, GOP State Lawmakers Look to Impeach Philadelphia District Attorney

Republicans in Harrisburg say crime goes “unchecked” under Larry Krasner, the city’s progressive top prosecutor

For Mental Crises, Send a Pro Not the Police

Evidence from a pilot program in Denver suggests that providing mental health support for nonviolent emergencies can help reduce crime and save money.

Biden’s Executive Order on Policing Could Help Spur Local Reforms

The directive, which includes varied restrictions and alternatives, drew support from reform advocates as well as groups representing law enforcement officers and cities.

Autonomous Vehicle Camera Footage Could Aid Police Investigations

Data collected by the vehicles in one city shows promise, but privacy advocates say the evidences shows law enforcement agencies are expanding their pervasive surveillance.

New Jersey Combating Vehicle Theft With License Plate Readers

The state will expand its network of high-speed automated cameras to crack down on record numbers of stolen cars.

Biden Wants to Send Even More Federal Dollars to States and Localities

The president's budget plan would raise spending in areas like housing and law enforcement. The proposals come as billions in pandemic aid is flowing to the state and local level.

States Likely to Resist CDC Proposal Easing Opioid Access

Forty states limit the number of days a painkiller prescription can last.

Some Unusual State and Local Laws to Take Note of This Valentine's Day

A number of state and municipal laws deal with relationships—both good and bad ones.