How Local Governments Can Spend Their Federal Funds to Boost Equity

Several county leaders and others offered suggestions for helping communities most in need using American Rescue Plan Act funds at the National Association of Counties annual conference.

The Government Has Fallen Short on Contracts With Woman-Owned Businesses for Decades

Historic barriers have blocked women-owned small businesses from winning federal contracts, according to a new report.

8 Lessons to Break the Poverty Cycle in Communities

COMMENTARY | Governments and funders are increasingly interested in two-generation approaches to disrupt this cycle by helping parents and their children move out of poverty together.

New White House Initiative Seeks to Lift Up Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Communities

Among other things, the effort will address hate crimes, poverty and environmental justice and representation in government jobs.

Racial Biases Persist in Public Sector Hiring. What can be done?

A new study shows that Black candidates are at an enormous disadvantage in making it through the government hiring process. But states and cities are finding solutions.

Is the New Markets Tax Credit Program Helping Low-Income Neighborhoods?

COMMENTARY | NMTC investments generate significant economic activity and new jobs, but there are opportunities for policymakers to adapt the program to expand its benefits for residents.

The States and Cities With the Strongest and Weakest Levels of Capital Investment

A new data tool offers a detailed look at how real estate and business loans and other investments vary widely across the country and sheds light on the inequities poorer and minority neighborhoods face.

To Budget for Equity, Cities First Must Define Equity

COMMENTARY | Without a clear and shared definition of equity, city leaders cannot understand the underlying conditions that create existing disparities in their community, let alone make informed budget decisions that foster equity.

'Here I Am.' Meet Kendall Martinez-Wright, a Black-Puerto Rican Trans Woman Running for State Office Amid Record Numbers of Anti-Transgender Bills.

Martinez-Wright, the first transgender woman to run for the Missouri House of Representatives, says the her campaign is “about showcasing the true beauty of diversity.”

Covid Racial Disparities Loom Large in Rural Counties

As federal and state government officials ramp up vaccination efforts, white people outpace people of color in getting vaccinated.

The Wide Gaps Between Minority and White Business Ownership in America’s Cities

A new data tool offers ways to gauge the disparities with businesses in the nation’s largest metro areas. It also includes information on women-owned firms.

New Connecticut Law Will Ban Discrimination Based On Hairstyles

The state is the eighth to enact legislation to address hair discrimination historically associated with race.

Hiring a Chief Equity Officer? Here’s What You Need to Know

COMMENTARY | It’s a position that can come with tough challenges. City and county leaders should focus on three key actions to set their chief equity officers up for success.

Equity Budgeting in Cities: Directing Dollars Where They’re Needed Most

A growing number of cities are turning to their budget offices to help treat historically underserved communities more fairly.

The 1970s Black Utopian City That Became a Modern Ghost Town

What the demise of an experimental Black town reveals about the struggle for racial equality today.

HUD Bars Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination in Housing, Rentals

It’s the first agency to implement Biden’s sweeping executive order on sexual orientation and gender identity, but it won’t be the last, officials said.

Advocates React to The Repeal of New York’s ‘Walking While Trans’ Ban

LGBTQ+ advocates celebrated the end of a decades-old statute that outlawed loitering for the purposes of prostitution, which has been widely seen as "arbitrary and discriminatory.”

Four Essential Keys to Being a Strong Ally for Racial Justice

COMMENTARY | Everyone can do something to support racial justice. Here’s how to start.

Natural Disasters Are Widening the Health Equity Gap, Now’s the Time to Address It

COMMENTARY | As natural disasters become more frequent and more destructive, the gap in health equity will continue to widen. We must dramatically increase investments in public health infrastructure and put equity at the center of our disaster preparedness and management systems.

To Create A Strong Government Technology Ecosystem, Increase Inclusivity

COMMENTARY | It’s time we did more to support underrepresented entrepreneurs to improve local government services and increase inclusivity.