‘We’re flying blind’: CDC has 1M bird flu tests ready, but experts see repeat of COVID missteps

Three months into the U.S. bird flu outbreak, only 45 people have been tested. Laboratories that are the foundation of diagnostic testing have yet to get approval to detect the bird flu virus. They say their path forward has been slowed by miscommunication and uncertainty from the CDC and FDA.


Building emergency housing to meet the unique needs of older adults

A silver tsunami of older adults experiencing homelessness is starting to crash across the U.S. Here’s how one state is trying to soften the blow.

Emerging Tech

In this county, AI is its ‘institutional knowledge in a box’

The way Washoe County, Nevada, is using artificial intelligence may not be flashy or innovative, but its “boring” approach is leading to better customer service and, maybe, more transformative projects down the road.

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Results for America’s Evaluation Policy Guide

Big Goals? Short on Time? No Problem – Find the Nation's Top Evaluation Policies Here.


A tale of two states: Arizona and Florida diverge on how to expand kids’ health insurance

Both Florida and Arizona want to expand eligibility for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, but their approaches to charging low-income families premiums for the coverage showcase the nation’s ideological divide on helping the disadvantaged.


‘Death by a thousand cuts’: A look at Big Tech’s efforts to influence data privacy

Maine’s struggles to pass such a law have familiar ring for Maryland lawmakers.

Emerging Tech

Don’t rush into AI experiments too quickly, experts say

Speakers at Route Fifty’s latest Innovation Spotlight cautioned the need to balance innovation in artificial intelligence with good governance, despite the desire for adoption to happen quicker.

Connect with state & local government leaders

How matchmaking can address two housing needs

As America’s population rapidly ages and housing costs soar, some states are playing matchmaker and matching young people in need of affordable housing with older adults with room to spare.


Identifying and mitigating third-party IT risks

COMMENTARY | Transparency, accountability and collaboration with vendors can help agencies reduce the risks associated with third-party contracting.

Digital Government

Undercover ‘secret shopper’ program shows city agencies breaking language access laws

Multilingual interns post as "secret shoppers," visiting New York City government offices to evaluate how well agencies are meeting language accessibility standards.

Emerging Tech

Massachusetts is expanding its pathbreaking vehicle fleet electrification program

The Massachusetts Fleet Advisor program, which helps small businesses, nonprofits and municipalities transition to electric vehicles, recently received $5 million in federal funding.


How hot weather can tamper with your words

As a heat wave continues to impact many parts of the Midwest and Northeast, a new study finds that politicians tend to use shorter words in speeches on hot days.

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‘Easy to Do Business With’: Why Simplifying Business Licensing & Registration Is a Best Practice

Adopting a digital process simplifies business license applications, enhancing user experiences, staff efficiency, and compliance rates.

Digital Government

As mobile IDs proliferate, concerns about cybersecurity and data privacy mount

New York is the latest state to adopt a mobile driver’s license. But while the technology holds promise and is convenient for users, there remain concerns.


Platform lets cities, residents shop granny flat options

Like an Etsy for accessory dwelling units, an online platform displays preapproved designs and specs for ADUs, giving local governments a tool for streamlining construction and reducing the housing shortage.


Teachers demand climate solutions in their next contract

From California to Massachusetts, teachers unions have started to get loud about climate justice demands. In Chicago, the teachers union wants their new contract to address the rising cost of climate change on students and the community.

Digital Government

¿Cómo Se Dice? California loops in AI to translate health care information

State health policy officials hope to save money and make critical health care forms, applications, websites and other information available to more people in what they call the nation’s most linguistically diverse state.


An overlooked tool for chipping away at the opioid crisis

Too few states are assessing residents for substance use disorders, a practice that one expert says could get drug users into treatment earlier.


The great Salt Lake City tax tradeoff

In a few weeks, the city council will be voting on a 0.5% sales tax to support economic development downtown. But it’s not the money that is drawing all the attention, it’s what the city is giving up.


Burnout among government workers is decreasing but still high, according to new pulse survey data

Nearly half of government workers experiencing burnout said the main cause is their workload, followed by staff shortages and managing personal and professional life, both at 44%.