The 'silver tsunami' is here. Is government ready?

About 10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day. As the nation’s aging population continues to climb, states and the federal government are working to get plans in place to care for older adults.

Colorado takes a new—and likely more effective—approach to the housing crisis

COMMENTARY | Colorado’s transit-oriented housing has gained support among developers, city planners and environmental advocates.

Are modular homes the future of affordable housing?

In Buena Vista, Colorado, a public-private partnership crafted a patchwork of legislation, partnerships and regulatory tools to help a local company quickly deliver factory-built, affordable rental units.

Housing boom in most of the US could ease shortage, but cost is still a problem

There are 5 million new housing units since 2020, mostly in the South and West, but supply has still not caught up with demand.

From foster care to secure housing: How vouchers help young adults build self-sufficiency

While some first-time renters rush to thrift stores to find eclectic pieces to decorate their new apartments, for adolescents leaving the foster system, the experience of moving out is often much bleaker.

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Why income discrimination laws hurt poor renters

COMMENTARY| Laws that ban discrimination against voucher holders can push smaller landlords out of the low-income housing market, decreasing the amount of affordable housing.

Amid a housing crisis, hospitals offer a dose of relief

The housing crisis may be too big for state and local governments to overcome. That’s why hospitals are stepping in to remedy housing and health care gaps.

Easing the housing squeeze on low-income renters

The State and Local Innovation project will work with policymakers to draft bill language and leverage data and best practices to keep the lowest income renters in stable housing.

How local governments can respond to the housing crisis

A new book by Charles Marohn and Daniel Herriges of Strong Towns encourages local officials to promote small-scale developments, even if it means using city financial tools to get them off the ground.

HUD warns on AI-fueled housing discrimination

The Department of Housing and Urban Development confirmed characteristics like race and income are protected from AI algorithmic discrimination.

As property tax bills rise, states look for long-term solutions

Lawmakers in the Mountain West seek to provide permanent tax relief without harming local revenue.

New Maryland law enables local jurisdictions to impose higher taxes on vacant properties

The legislation aims to reduce the number of lots and houses that sit vacant for years on end in an effort to solve the state's affordable housing shortage.

States take aim at local basic income programs

The no-string-attached cash assistance initiatives have become the target of some state policymakers who claim the programs are a misuse of public funds.

Anxiety over squatters inspires a wave of legislation

Opponents of the bills call the trend a ‘manufactured crisis’ that could affect legitimate tenant protections.

3 tips for short-term land-use planning

COMMENTARY | As populations grow and real estate requirements change, cities or counties should regularly evaluate their mix of land use designations so they get the kind of development they can live with long term.

Too many cubicles, too few homes spur incentives to convert offices to housing

States are stepping in with tax breaks and zoning changes to help replace the unwanted cubicle farms with much-needed housing.

Can compromise be reached in two state budget debates?

Taxes and affordable housing are holding up budgets in Virginia and New York. Instead of threats, the governors in each state appear to be trying to find common ground—for now.

New bill would convert unused government buildings into affordable housing

California Reps. Adam Schiff and Jimmy Gomez cosponsored legislation that would direct the Housing and Urban Development Secretary to help refashion certain federal, state and local government properties into affordable residential rental projects.

North Carolina tried to rebuild affordable housing after a hurricane. It took half a decade.

Documents show how federal paperwork delayed the state’s recovery from Hurricane Florence and left low-income renters in the lurch.

In Georgia, inadequate housing can mean significantly longer stays in foster care

Even after resolving other safety concerns, parents can wait for months to be reunited with their children, often because of what advocates say are stringent requirements sought by the state’s Division of Family and Children Services.