Katrina Survivors Were Told They Could Use Grant Money To Rebuild. Now They’re Being Sued

After Hurricane Katrina, struggling homeowners said they were told not to worry about the fine print when they received grants to elevate their homes. Now the state is going after them because they did exactly that.

The US Cities Most Attractive to Renters

There was a 10% increase in rental applications nationwide last year, and millennials were the generational group that moved around the most, a new report shows.

US Cities Where Housing Prices Are Falling

Home prices reached record highs during the pandemic, but they are declining in some localities across the country, according to a recent report.

Drive-by Property Appraisals Streamline Data Collection

A Kansas county is using vehicles outfitted with rooftop cameras and LiDAR units to quickly and inexpensively capture property images that are integrated into its cloud-based appraisal system.

A Three-Phase Strategy to Reduce Homelessness

COMMENTARY | As cities grapple with rising homelessness, states struggle to distribute relief money. But change is within our grasp.

Rising Construction Costs Stall Affordable Housing Projects

High lumber and labor prices can mean fewer homes built—or an entire project quashed.

Affordable Housing Can Lift Nearby Home Values

A new Urban Institute study shows that for one city, property values in above- and below-median-income areas rose slightly when affordable housing was built nearby.

The Most Livable Cities in the US

AARP published an index that measures how “livable” communities nationwide are, and ranks the top ones that meet residents' needs as they grow older.

Cities With the Lowest Home Prices in the US

Housing prices are soaring and interest rates are rising, but median home prices in these places are less than $185,000.

Rationing Housing by Scoring Homeless People’s Trauma

A process called coordinated entry, used by cities across the country, is meant to match homeless people with housing. In San Francisco’s version, the system could be making it harder for some populations to get indoors.

Biden is Doubling Down on a Push to Roll Back Single-Family Zoning Laws

A $10 billion proposal in the president's budget would use federal grants as an incentive to spur changes with the local rules, which critics blame for stifling affordable housing and fueling racial inequities.

Turning Equity Into Action and Getting Results

COMMENTARY | Government leaders must translate racial equity from an aspirational value to specific, tangible operating principles. Recent affordable housing efforts offer valuable examples of equity in action at the local level.

Cities With the Most and Least Expensive Apartment Rents

New York City tops the list of most expensive while Wichita, Kansas offers the lowest rent, according to a recent report.

Can My Electric Car Power My House?

Bidirectional charging is the next big stage for electric vehicles. But storing power in your car and sending it back to your house involves more than flipping a switch.

Biden Wants to Send Even More Federal Dollars to States and Localities

The president's budget plan would raise spending in areas like housing and law enforcement. The proposals come as billions in pandemic aid is flowing to the state and local level.

Federal Pandemic Aid is Providing a Boost to City Housing Programs

City officials are tapping American Rescue Plan Act dollars to expand affordable housing and reduce homelessness, challenges that predate Covid-19 but that were also heightened by it.

Pandemic Ushering in Rental Housing Crisis

A recent analysis shows landlords are tightening screening criteria, using alternative eviction practices and increasing rent rates. The housing shortage is only making things worse.

Affordable Housing Is Increasingly Scarce, Making Renters Ask: Where Do We Go?

It’s getting much harder to find an affordable home, even for people who work multiple jobs. Elected officials across the country are trying to address the crisis through various proposals.

5 Steps to More Equitable Health Care in Communities

Expanding telehealth, partnering with local organizations and building health care teams are among the strategies, according to research.

Want Landlords to Lease to Families With Housing Vouchers? Try Asking in New Ways

COMMENTARY | The pandemic has brought new attention to the challenge of finding landlords who will accept Housing Choice Vouchers. A recent experiment offers lessons about what might help landlords say yes.