Atlanta’s BeltLine Shows How Parks Can Drive ‘Green Gentrification’

COMMENTARY | Cities can avoid the problem if they think about affordable housing at the start of their projects.

Biden Administration Plans for Stronger Fair Housing Enforcement

A pending Department of Housing and Urban Development rule would set new requirements for state and local agencies and mark the reversal of a Trump-era policy.

The Governors Wading Deeper Into the Housing Crisis

Across the country, state leaders are putting the nation’s housing shortage at the center of their agendas this year. But it's still uncertain whether their proposals to solve the problem will gain traction and some question whether the plans go far enough.

Top State Democrats Outline Legislative Priorities

Where the party has majorities, they hope to focus on issues like housing, voting rights and criminal justice. In GOP-controlled states, they want to hold the line against Republican proposals on abortion, school vouchers and guns.

Housing Programs Nationwide See Big Infusion of Earmark Cash

The largest increase for housing and community development in the latest federal spending bill came from earmarks, where lawmakers direct funding to specific projects in their states.

The D.C. Mayor Wants ‘Decisive Action’ on the Federal Government’s Return to Office Plans

There has been movement to get some employees back in person and assess real estate needs, but the mayor would like more specifics.  

The New Federal Grants to Help Cities Ditch 'NIMBY'-backed Zoning

There’s $85 million available for communities that want to relax restrictions on the density and type of housing that can be built in certain neighborhoods, especially areas limited to single-family homes. Proponents say the changes could address both affordability and equity concerns.

New York Wants to Build 800K Housing Units in 10 Years. How Do You Do That?

Gov. Kathy Hochul has pledged to address the state’s housing crisis in the 2023 legislative session. Experts weigh in on the ways she could accomplish her goal.

What the $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill Includes for States and Localities

Congressional lawmakers fought back attempts by conservatives to delay the legislation until next year, approving billions for infrastructure, new regional technology hubs, homelessness programs and other state and local government priorities.

Here's What Was Left Out of the $1.7 Trillion Federal Spending Bill

A number of provisions state and local governments had been seeking were excluded, including renewed expansions of tax credit programs that help support low-income housing and households with kids.

Families Earning Over $100,000 Eligible for Miami-Dade Rent Relief

The county is considered one of the most expensive in the U.S. for housing. But under a newly expanded local program, households of four with incomes under $136,500 annually would qualify for emergency rental assistance.

Voters Approved Millions for Affordable Housing. Advocates Say Congress Should Do the Same

Voters in Colorado and nine cities across the country approved housing affordability measures in November. The efforts sought to finance the construction of affordable housing, preserve existing rental properties and support renters.

Why a Federal Funding Deal Matters So Much for States and Localities

A full-year budget package would set spending levels for key programs and could also include important policy changes.

Rent-control Measures Are Poised for a Big 2023

Cities in more than a dozen states appear set to consider the tool amid high inflation and rising housing costs.

Exploring How to Help Homebuyers Compete with Real Estate Investors

Experts say there are several strategies governments can try to prevent investors from dominating the market.

Maine’s 3D-printed Wood-fiber Home

The recyclable, 3D-printed homes could help fill the housing gap while advancing sustainable manufacturing.

The Fight to Expand the Low-income Housing Tax Credit

With the nation’s home shortage grinding on, advocates and some lawmakers want to restore, and possibly go beyond, a previous increase in the federal credits, which are key in helping finance the construction of affordable housing. But will Congress act?

'I Don’t Know Where I’m Going to Go': HUD Displaces Even More Residents in This Small City

HUD already closed four public housing complexes in the Cairo, Ill., area. Now the federal agency is set to demolish a high-rise, gutting the city of some of its last affordable housing.

The Nation’s Vacant Homes Present an Opportunity — and a Problem

Americans who need housing often aren’t in the same places as the vacant houses.