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GOP states announce new voter roll systems. Are they as secure as ERIC?

An expert in elections administration and one of the founders of ERIC says the new systems could suffer from low data quality, high costs and inadequate security.

Smart cities need a new mindset, not just new technology

A smart city is more than just a buzzword these days. It’s a mindset and skill set that employees must have to navigate today’s challenges, one expert says.

New voter roll system unveiled after ERIC withdrawal

Alabama debuted a new system to manage the state’s registered voter rolls, completing a goal to replace the Electronic Registration Information Center system. Observers said the state seemed to simply be creating a newer version of the system it left behind.

Gov. Josh Shapiro wants you to text him

The Pennsylvania governor joins New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy as trailblazers exploring direct text communications with constituents.

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Eliminate Manual Processes Route and Approve Invoices from Anywhere

Today’s finance teams carry a heavy burden, supporting everything from growth strategies to long-term planning – all while continuously delivering monthly and quarterly numbers and keeping cash flowing. But even as demands on finance departments grow, many still spend excessive time using paper, spreadsheets, and e-mails to process vendor invoices, approvals, and payments.

How to unlock a better user experience for constituents

COMMENTARY | People today expect smarter, simpler customer service thanks to the likes of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. States can deliver on that expectation by creating a single data source spanning all systems of record.

How generative AI is being used to put the humanity back into government

Non-English speaking residents of Minnesota can more easily access driver and vehicle services thanks to a new generative AI-based virtual assistant that automatically translates English into Hmong, Spanish and Somali.

Strained juvenile justice systems get relief from mobile behavioral health programs

Community-based crisis intervention services are diverting adolescents with mental and behavioral health issues from the criminal justice system, which is unequipped to meet their needs.

California looks to preserve its role as ‘global hub’ for generative AI

An executive order issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom looks to create replicable guidelines for the ethical and responsible use of generative AI in state government.

Hawaii’s wildfires led to fast tracking federal identity tools for unemployment claims

Unemployment is on the rise in Maui due in part to the drastic drop in tourism after the devastating wildfires. But the state's rapid deployment of an underutilized federal identity verification tool will help it get benefits to the people who really need it.

How one state’s data office improves government services

Indiana is connecting data from different agencies and training front-line workers to tackle tough problems.

Robot police dogs are on patrol, but who’s holding the leash?

Numerous cities have acquired dog-like robots for policing. Researchers say the lack of transparency is worrying.

Real ID requirements temporarily waived for states' mobile IDs

The coming rulemaking would waive REAL ID Act requirements so that federal agencies can still accept mobile driver's licenses when the law’s implementation starts in 2025.

How 911 innovations improve dispatchers’ lives and keep communities safe

COMMENTARY | Using technology to divert administrative and non-emergency calls from 911 centers keeps crews focused on their high impact jobs and makes it easier for communities to hire and retain qualified dispatchers.

This new law will help health care workers save lives in ambulances that cover wide-open West Texas

The emerging technology, paid for by a grant established during the 2023 legislative session, will help emergency health care workers talk with doctors in emergency rooms to better care for critical patients.

Data helps some states boost renewals amidst Medicaid unwinding

Ex parte renewals, or those that use available data sources to redetermine Medicaid eligibility without requiring information from the individual, place the burden on the system—not on the participants or staff.

Why agencies should care about no-code workflow automation

COMMENTARY | When government staff can quickly create their own digital applications, they can improve customer experience and meet operational needs.

When every minute counts: Dashboard maps emergency response to extreme heat

The EMS HeatTracker can help public health officials ensure emergency medical services reach those who need them most.

Lack of access to cloud computing may hinder rural innovation, study shows

Rural businesses innovate at rates similar to urban businesses when they have access to the cloud. But they need fast, stable internet connection to maintain that competitiveness.

AT&T, the broadband conundrum and a $204 million tax exemption

The tax break was the latest in favorable legislation for the state’s top political spender.

City looks to enhance customer experience with data analytics

Corona, California, used a tool driven by artificial intelligence to work out where users were getting stuck or frustrated, in a bid to improve their experience.