Price Jumps Prompt Pocketbook Policies in States

The Midwest and South are seeing the biggest spikes.

A Look at How 150 Governments are Planning to Use ARPA Funds

A new online dashboard offers insights into what cities and counties intend to do with the federal pandemic aid.

Poll: Nearly Half of US Households Facing Inflation Hardship

People earning less and without college degrees were more likely to say they're having difficulties.

Quitting Your Job or Thinking About Joining the ‘Great Resignation’? Here’s What an Employment Lawyer Advises

A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs. But before you opt to join them, you should consider the risks and costs.

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Eliminate Manual Processes Route and Approve Invoices from Anywhere

Today’s finance teams carry a heavy burden, supporting everything from growth strategies to long-term planning – all while continuously delivering monthly and quarterly numbers and keeping cash flowing. But even as demands on finance departments grow, many still spend excessive time using paper, spreadsheets, and e-mails to process vendor invoices, approvals, and payments.

'Tis the Season for Giving—Even to Your Local Government

Just don’t ask for anything specific in return, according to the IRS.

Millions of Americans Struggle To Pay Their Water Bills – Here’s How a National Water Aid Program Could Work

Should the U.S. help low-income households afford water service, as it does with heating and groceries? Chile does. An economist explains how it works there and how it could work here.

Massive Budget Bill Would Open Even More State and Local Funding

In a year that's already seen a major infrastructure package signed into law and billions in pandemic aid, domestic spending legislation the U.S. House approved last week promises to direct additional federal cash towards state and local priorities.

Localities and States Are Turning to Data Analytics to Catch Fraudsters—and It's Working

Electronic analysis can be costly, but low-tech paper systems don't work anymore, government officials say.

States With the Highest Personal Income Growth

Total income growth is higher in all states than before the pandemic, thanks to elevated levels of government assistance and growth in wages, according to a report.

The Federal Government Spent Record Amounts of Money on Children Last Year. It Probably Won’t Last.

Spending on children—including tax programs, education, nutrition and social services—by state and local governments also will likely fall back to pre-pandemic levels within several years as Covid-19 relief measures expire, according to an Urban Institute report.

With Scant Data, Questions Hang Over Opportunity Zones

The economic development program received renewed scrutiny on Capitol Hill this week, with some lawmakers and experts suggesting it is in need of reforms.

He Tore Down Motels Where Poor Residents Lived During a Housing Crisis. City Leaders Did Nothing.

Reno, Nevada, has one of the worst affordable housing shortages in the U.S. Yet city officials let an out-of-state casino owner displace hundreds of low-income residents so he could one day build an entertainment complex.

Massive Cash Flow Sparks State Spending Sprees

Thanks to federal aid and rising revenue, state policymakers can afford big investments.

How Congress Could Unlock More ARPA Funds for Infrastructure

Legislation awaiting consideration in the U.S. House would give states and local governments more leeway in how they can use their allotments of federal pandemic aid, including by letting more money go to transportation projects.

The (Long) Waiting Game to Get My Student Loans Forgiven

COMMENTARY | The student loan forgiveness process for public servants is a disaster. After almost five years, I’m still waiting to have all my loans forgiven.

The Federal Poverty Line Struggles To Capture the Economic Hardship That Half of Americans Face

COMMENTARY | Millions of Americans struggle to pay their bills each month, despite earning wages well above the federal poverty line and holding multiple jobs.

The Best and Worst Cities to Retire Are Surprising

Orlando, Florida tops the list for best cities to retire while San Bernardino, California comes in last, according to a report.

Will New York Pull the Plug on Bitcoin Mining?

The state blocked two new power plants for not aligning with new climate goals, and environmentalists hope cryptocurrency mining plants will get the boot next.

SALT Plan Reworked—Again—as Democrats Push Towards Vote

The latest proposal would lift the cap on the state and local tax deduction to $80,000.

4 Things to Know About Local Government Fiscal Conditions

Despite fiscal challenges over the past 18 months, cities have demonstrated greater resilience than expected through the pandemic, according to a report.