The People's Lifeline

A Candid Survey of Benefits Administration Officers in the Federal Government

The Critical Connection

Top 5 Takeaways in the Next Era of Benefits Administration

Safeguarding Supplies

A new ‘stress test’ approach to supply chain resiliency.

Seven Steps to Create a Smart, Safe and Connected City

IDC projects that by 2023, $189.5 B will be invested to build “Smart Cities” that deliver customized and connected experiences to citizens and visitors, drive economic growth for local businesses and increase city revenues. Top priorities will focus on resilient energy solutions, developing data-driven public safety programs and creating intelligent, safe public transportation systems. Start planning today! Discover the 7 steps to building a smart, safe and connected city.

Designing Agile Workplace Processes

How to Improve Work Efficiency in a Fast-Moving, Digital World

Leading Brands in Government 2021

The authoritative study on government buyers and their perceptions of top contractors

Implementing Artificial Intelligence

Nextgov explores the policy efforts and agency projects aimed at advancing artificial intelligence.

Using open source to to support explainable AI in the public sector

While predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities can provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence, public sector agencies need more. They need “explainable AI,” the ability for machines to clearly demonstrate and explain the rationale behind their recommendations. Open source software and communities can help. With technology and development methodology, agencies can build more transparent AI solutions, faster, resulting in greater efficiencies and more accurate and trusted decisions.

Defense Spending Preview

Defense One takes an inside look at Biden's defense budget and spending changes.

Resiliency through Data

A Survey on the Federal Government’s Data Optimization

Top Priorities for State and Local Government

A briefing on the priorities of local leaders, from the annual legislative policy summits of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National Association of Counties and National League of Cities, along with state perspective from Route Fifty's state conference.

Providing connected service in a disconnected world

It may sound like an impossible ask, but with the right strategy and set of tools, your government agency can adapt to today’s fluid, changing working model and continue to provide high-quality customer service and great customer experience.

Healthy Buildings, Healthy Budgets. An Illustrated Guide

Local Governments are working hard to understand how best to design their buildings to protect the health of occupants – the citizens, staff and families that make up our communities – while also protecting the budget. This guide will help leaders discover how to create and fund Healthy Buildings through a discussion on these essential questions: What is a Healthy Building? Does deferred maintenance impact Healthy Buildings? How to evaluate the cost vs. impact of different solutions? How can public entities fund Healthy Buildings improvements? The challenges facing America’s municipalities today are unique. We can help if you need to improve the indoor environment without diverting money from critical services. We work to build solutions that balance cost vs. impact to fund necessary improvements to all your facilities. Download the guide to learn more.

Transform the Defense Human Capital Management Lifecycle

Across defense, digital transformation and digital service solutions are needed to support the hire to retire lifecycle. Within the hire to retire lifecycle, a system of engagement approach to service member interactions will transform the user experience while providing process automation for service provider subject matter experts. With this approach, defense organizations can streamline recruiting, accessions and onboarding, improve talent management, and increase the retention of the next generation of service members and civilian employees. With the Salesforce platform, which includes Government Cloud,* defense organizations can leverage the power of a 360 degree view of the uniformed service member and civilian employees to deliver a world-class experience from hire to retire–enhanced by the power of analytics delivered in a common operating environment.

The 3 Tenets of Enabling a Remote Government Workforce

As agencies begin to support a more permanent remote future, it’s critical that they build security in every step of the way — starting with access and identity.

The 2020 Challenge

Accelerating Federal Technology Transformations

The 2020 Challenge

Accelerating Federal Technology Transformations

The AI Break: Bursting Healthcare Boundaries

Examining the Progress and Possibilities of Emerging Technology in Healthcare

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