Philly mayor might consider these lessons from NYC before expanding stop-and-frisk

In New York City, stop-and-frisk led to unwanted consequences, such as lawsuits against the city, greater racial disparities in the criminal justice system, citizen unrest and distrust of the police.

City extends police department’s ‘life changing’ 4-day workweek pilot

The decision comes after the data shows that the 32-hour workweek resulted in faster emergency response times and cost savings

How one city is bridging the gender gap in construction jobs

Rochester, Minnesota, launched its Equity in the Built Environment program in 2023 that looks to educate and train women for jobs in construction, project management, interior design, and other careers.

Catching Zs: 4 ways to tap the incoming wave of young workplace talent

COMMENTARY | Connecting with potential hires requires agencies to offer flexible, digital work arrangements, along with an opportunity to meaningfully shape their communities and their world.

Proposed wage theft legislation would strip violators of their ability to do business in New York

If passed, the three bills would suspend businesses' ability to operate, collect sales tax or use their liquor licenses unless employers resolve wage theft claims within 15 days.

As summers grow ever hotter, OSHA appears ready to protect workers

Many in the construction and agriculture industries are opposed, but new research shows it would help them, too.

Nonwhite people are drastically underrepresented in local government

COMMENTARY | As in the federal and state governments, local elected officials are more likely to be white than their constituents. At times, such as with school boards, the differences are particularly stark.

Shortage of prosecutors, judges leads to widespread court backlogs

The pandemic worsened problems that already had caused state and local court delays.

988-hotline counselors air concerns: more training needed to juggle a mix of calls

Dozens of crisis counselors responded to a survey about their work experiences, painting a picture of uneven training, uncertainty about how long to stay on the line, and different policies on whether to inform a caller when police are on their way.

Rural employment edges back to pre-pandemic numbers

The number of jobs grew in November 2023, according to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Workforce shortages plague rural hospitals, legislation to address it stalls

Experts worry that without legislation incentivizing entry into various medical professions, rural healthcare systems will increasingly suffer from personnel shortages.

Medication aides could help states remedy health care worker shortages

Nursing homes are squeezed between a workforce shortage and a swelling older adult population. States are trying to address both issues with one solution: medication aides.

Teachers can’t afford housing, so school districts are building homes

When potential teachers are considering a position, they often want to know what’s available for affordable housing. “If I don’t have an answer for that, I lose that applicant,” one school district superintendent says.

States hope doulas can deliver better maternal health outcomes

Lawmakers are pouring resources into health care services like doula programs to improve comprehensive reproductive and maternal health care.

The future of government jobs: Post generative AI

In the wake of dramatic technological advances, the workplace of the future will be far different than was envisioned a year ago.

California is poised to protect workers from extreme heat—indoors

Only two other states have adopted heat rules for indoor workers. Nationally, legislation has stalled in Congress, and a process initiated by the Biden administration to establish national heat standards for outdoor and indoor work could take years to finalize.

A year of inspiration and motivation: Historic firsts for women of color in politics

Experts point to signs of a shift in politics this year, crediting increased representation for the spurt of women of color winning mayoral elections.

How $37 billion in federal funding is being used to improve at-home caregiving

Shared first by Vice President Kamala Harris, new data on American Rescue Plan funding for home and community-based service highlights successes and underscores the need for more.

A road map for the lawful use of stop-and-frisk in Philadelphia–and elsewhere

With adequate training of officers and clear guidelines that increase transparency, police can use stop-and-frisk as a lawful mechanism to reduce crime and violence, while honoring residents’ constitutional rights.

Get to know the 2023 Rising Stars

This year's class of Rising Stars has been selected both for their accomplishments over the past year and for their leadership potential.