New Online Hub to Help Cities Apply for Federal Infrastructure Funding

The $50 million initiative will provide advice and resources to municipalities, especially small towns, through public sector groups and nonprofits, according to Bloomberg Philanthropies.

US Traffic Deaths Hit Highest Mark in Over 15 Years

Federal estimates show the incidents claimed 43,000 lives in 2021. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warns of a safety “crisis” on the nation’s roadways.

Greater Housing Density Would Mean a Better Shot at Grants Under New Biden Plan

The White House wants to drive down housing prices by boosting the supply of homes.

Infrastructure Week Finally Yields Actual Infrastructure Projects

Inflation and workforce shortages are causing difficulties. Still, local officials and the Biden administration are touting progress.

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New Tools Help State and Local Governments Battle Ransomware, Other Big Disasters

When governments find themselves being ransomed, their choices are typically to pay, which will undercut their ability to deliver key services to their communities due to budget restrictions, or not pay, resulting in the immediate inability to serve their communities and the loss of key data that will inevitably plague them for years afterwards.

Biden Administration Releases $45B for Broadband to States

Guidance for the infrastructure program says states must make affordable broadband available to the middle class, too, and cannot exclude cities from being considered for the funding.

Signals Along 'Smart Spines' Optimize Traffic Flow

With artificial intelligence-powered adaptive signaling technology at nearly 150 city intersections, Pittsburgh plans to improve traffic flow and reduce idling times for buses.

Internet Service Essentially Free for Millions Under New Biden Program

With a discount already in place, 20 companies have agreed to offer service for $30 a month. Advocacy groups are hoping states will adopt similar pricing requirements. 

Freight Advocates Push for a Share of $18B in Grant Funding

They’re urging the Biden administration to factor in their priorities when distributing money from the new infrastructure law for ports, railways and “megaprojects.”

White House Wants to Ensure Good Stewardship of Infrastructure Funds

New guidance directs agencies on implementation of the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

Driverless Vehicles Are Finally Hitting City Streets

In San Francisco, people can now catch rides in cars without anybody behind the wheel. But as the technology spreads, are regulators ready?

6 Million in California Faced With Sharp Restrictions on Water Use

Drought is draining reservoirs, again. “This is a crisis” said one official, adding: “We cannot afford green lawns.”

How Cities are Trying to Combat the Nation's Deadliest Weather Risk

Heat doesn’t get the same attention as hurricanes or wildfires, but city officials are paying more attention to it as hot temperatures become more common.

Federal Covid Aid is Funding a Pickleball Court Construction Boom

Pickleball is the nation's fastest growing sport and cities and towns are using money from the American Rescue Plan to build facilities for the legions of new players.

States Experiment With Orange Highway Striping in Work Zones

It’s among the latest attempts to cut down on crashes in construction areas.

Biden’s Attempt to Identify ‘Disadvantaged’ Communities is Proving to be Complicated

The initiative could set some places up to receive more federal investment, but critics are worried that a draft version of the program excludes areas in need of extra help.

Making the Case for State Infrastructure Czars

A leading consultancy is backing the Biden administration’s idea that states should have a lead person to help navigate programs in the new infrastructure law.

New Program Aims to Help Rural America Tap More Federal Funding

The Biden administration initiative is starting in five states and there are plans to expand it.

Biden Reverses Trump's Rollback of Environmental Reviews for Infrastructure Projects

Critics say the latest update to the rules could bog down project timelines. But state transportation officials and environmental advocates welcomed the changes.

The Rise of the Retro License Plate

With a simple aesthetic and catchy slogans, plate designs mimicking those from decades past are proving to be popular.

Wastewater Testing Programs Need Better Coordination, Data Standards

Wastewater surveillance systems are helping communities predict Covid-19 outbreaks, but lack of national coordination and standardized pose challenges to wider adoption, according to the Government Accountability Office.