Health & Human Services

Why Employers Find It So Hard to Test for Covid

A board overseeing occupational safety in California approved the nation's first emergency rule to require employers to provide testing to all workers after an outbreak.

Health & Human Services

How Social Work is Changing in the Covid Era

COMMENTARY | The pandemic has forced the entire social work industry to rapidly evolve and adapt to a virtual environment.

Public Safety

States Join Pilot to Investigate Cases of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

Federal, state, and tribal agencies will create guidelines for investigations into missing persons and murder cases where Native American or Alaska Native people are involved.

Tech & Data

To Expand Broadband, States Should Figure Out Where It Isn't Available

A new report from the National Governors Association suggests states shouldn't just rely on the FCC to identify underserved areas, as well as use existing infrastructure and federal funding to increase connectivity in rural and low-income areas.


What I Saw as a 2020 Census Worker

Counting every person in the country is already a massive challenge, but the census was no match for this year’s chaos.


Governors Announce Small Business Aid Alongside Restrictions

States hope the money will help businesses survive public health orders.

Health & Human Services

Food Banks See Higher Demand Than Usual Before Thanksgiving

Officials fear food insecurity will worsen even more if federal programs adopted during the pandemic are allowed to expire.


Here Comes the Covid-19 Baby Bust

The U.S. could have hundreds of thousands of fewer births next year than it would have in the absence of a pandemic.


No Bar Night Out Before Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | National Guard deploys to El Paso to help with morgue crisis … Prosecutors are reviewing 800 cases possibly tainted by lab analyst … Nursing home workers strike in Illinois.


Snitches Could Get Cash for Illegal Parking Tips

The proposal, currently before the New York City Council's transportation committee, would give citizens 25% of any fines resulting from reports of certain illegally parked cars.

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Improve Government Services with Cloud Technology

A complete guide to connecting data, applications, and processes while advancing security and compliance.


Three Alternatives to the Usual Strategies for Collecting Fines and Fees

A report from the Fines and Fees Justice Center lays out alternatives for cities looking to make collection practices more equitable and efficient.

Health & Human Services

Poll: Most Americans Changing Thanksgiving Plans, Leery of Travel

But airports still saw significant traffic in recent days. The survey findings come as public health officials worry the holiday season could inflame already troublesome coronavirus trends.

Health & Human Services

Rural Areas Send Their Sickest Patients to Cities, Straining Hospitals

Critically ill rural patients are often sent to city hospitals for high-level treatment and, as their numbers grow, some urban hospitals are buckling under the added strain.

Health & Human Services

Biden Likely to Help States Increase Health Care Access

More support expected for insurance navigators, Medicaid expansion.


Two-Decade Push to Build a Grocery in a Food Desert Finally Pays Off

A mix of public and private support has come together to make the project in northeast Oklahoma City possible.

Tech & Data

An AI Tool Can Distinguish Between a Conspiracy Theory and a True Conspiracy

COMMENTARY | It comes down to how easily the story falls apart.


One State Will Use Education College Students to Plug Ongoing Teacher Shortage

Education students in Connecticut can serve as apprentice teachers in classrooms, getting paid the same rate as substitute teachers without needing to be certified.


Disasters Are Inevitable; Government’s Inadequate Response Is Not

COMMENTARY | New research analyzing the responses of hundreds of local leaders identified common obstacles and proven ways to overcome them.