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City Hall in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

City Hall in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Michael Grass/


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Where should we go next?

GovExec State & Local has been up and running for more than a week now. We’ve featured stories from all over the United States — from New Mexico and North Carolina to Ohio to Seattle, Chicago and Miami to Boulder, Colorado, and Tecumseh, Michigan. We have a lot more in store.

But off our homepage and on our social media channels, we’re featuring a wide variety of photos, maps and images of localities all over the nation and sharing them on Twitter and Facebook. Some of them are from my travels around the country and many more are from publicly accessible digital resources at the Library of Congress and elsewhere.

As State & Local expands, we want to share as many images from communities from coast to coast, ideally of local government buildings, whether its a state capitol, city hall or county buildings.

Where should we take a look at next? What local governments or officials are great at sharing photos on Flickr or Instagram? Let us know in comments or via Twitter or Facebook.

Below, take a look at some of places we’ve been and locations we’ve featured ...

— Michael Grass, Senior Editor, GovExec State & Local



(Photo of downtown Seattle from outside Seattle City Council chambers by Michael Grass/



(Photo of Utah's State Capitol by Michael Grass/