U.S. Mayors Rally Behind London's Mayor After Trump’s Unfair Criticisms

The president took Sadiq Kahn’s warning about increased police presence out of context, in a series of tweets that also shared unconfirmed information about Saturday's London Bridge attack.

Still No Suspect in NYC Explosion; FBI Investigating Minnesota Knife Attack as Possibly Terror-Related

Also in our State and Local Weekend Digest: Alabama and Georgia declare states of emergency after gasoline spill; PennDOT credits app with $11M savings; Illinois governor may veto Chicago mayor's pension plan

Emergency Management Lessons Learned From the San Bernardino Attack

Social media helped spread misinformation during the crisis, necessitating the establishment of points of contact.

Push for ‘No Fly List’ Gun Sales Ban in California; Chicago Awash in Police Misconduct Stories

Also: Twin Cities Star Tribune takes on the rural-urban political divide and helping out drought-plagued New Mexican farmers by making hemp legal.

Connect with state & local government leaders

In Wake of Paris, How Prepared Are U.S. States, Cities?

Experts say that smaller U.S. cities may lack the resources needed to prevent or react to an attack.