New York City Principals Union Votes ‘No Confidence’ In Mayor Over Schools Plan

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Twenty-one states report 10% or more Covid-19 increase… 1 million people have cast ballots early… Maryland man who threw house party gets a year in jail.

Colleges’ Opening Fueled 3,000 COVID Cases a Day, Researchers Say

College towns across the country have seen frightening COVID spikes.

Cyberattacks Threaten Unprepared Virtual Schools

Remote learning means that schools and their students are spending more time online. Cybersecurity awareness needs to be a key piece of successful virtual classrooms.

With Schools Starting Online, Vaccinations Head for Recess

Public health officials have relied on schools as a means to control vaccine-preventable diseases for over a century.

New York May Order Colleges With Over 100 Virus Cases to Stop In-Person Classes

The new policy comes as colleges and universities across the U.S. are seeing coronavirus outbreaks.

The Silent Suffering of Cafeteria Workers

As schools navigate reopening for the fall, most coverage has focused on the safety of students and teachers. But another group on campus is also at risk.

What Are Parents Supposed to Do With Their Kids?

With public schools closed, at least 15 states have no free child-care options for essential workers.

Software Problems Disrupt First Day of Online Learning in Miami-Dade

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Wisconsin governor wary of Trump visit … New Jersey to reopen some indoor dining … Virginia county’s plan to use libraries as daycare facilities sparks controversy … Alabama mayor asks Mardi Gras organizers to consider parade alternatives.

USDA Extends Free School Meal Program for Children

The U.S. Department of Agriculture loosened requirements for children receiving free meals through their schools at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and announced Monday it would keep those flexibilities in place through the end of the year.

School House Rocked: How Covid-19 Could Change the Way We Teach and Test

COMMENTARY | If we want to prevent long-term economic suffering, we should rethink our K-12 education system.

Judge Sides with Florida Teachers in Lawsuit Over Reopening Schools

The judge found that local school officials, not the state, should be able to determine when students and teachers resume in-person classes.

A Showdown Over Returning to the Classroom

An Iowa school district and teachers union have sued the governor over her mandate requiring schools to reopen for in-person instruction.

Universities Suspend Students, Bust Parties to Enforce Covid-19 Rules

Some universities are reconsidering their decisions to hold in-person classes amid the coronavirus pandemic while others are cracking down on student life.

Black History Instruction Gets New Emphasis in Many States

Some state social studies curriculums infuse the Black experience.

One State Offers Training To Help Teachers Combat Pandemic-Related Stress and Anxiety

The emotional learning course, developed by Yale, will be offered for free to all school staff members in Connecticut to help teachers understand and manage their stress and anxiety so they can better help their students.

Feds Will Reopen Schools on Native American Reservations

Despite the outsize toll the pandemic has taken on Native American communities, the federal government said that schools on reservations should reopen in September.

Cancel College

COMMENTARY | Reopening universities will accomplish little and endanger many.

With Caveats, Hopeful News for Preschools Planning Young Kids’ Return

The number of outbreaks at child care centers is low and research shows that children rarely get sick with Covid-19.