Start Students Early to Build Semiconductor Talent Pipeline

One way to reduce the expected workforce crunch is to educate high school and college students about why working in the semiconductor industry is valuable, one expert said.

Four-Day School Weeks, Gaining in Popularity, Face Pushback From Lawmakers

Several states have imposed restrictions or bans on four-day schools.

State Laws on Reproductive Services, Divisive Concepts Influence Enrollment Decisions

As students consider all the reasons to choose one college or another, state laws are a new factor for some to weigh.

Black History Is Everyone’s History

COMMENTARY | How does an incomplete, inaccurate education omitting Black contributions serve society?

Schools Find Power in Numbers

Across the country, school districts are joining together to negotiate lower premiums for insurance, goods and services.

Idaho Governor Vetoes Bill to Restrict Library Materials

The bill allows parents to sue libraries for giving out materials “harmful to minors." Of his veto, Gov. Brad Little said the state doesn't need a "library bounty" and that he’s more concerned about what kids can find on the internet.

As Book Bans Gain Favor, Some Say Libraries Could Go

The number of school libraries and librarians has been dwindling for decades.

L.A. School District Workers Demand Historic Raise During 3-day Strike

Teachers in the nation’s second-largest school district joined bus drivers, cafeteria workers and paraprofessionals in a “sympathy strike,” resulting in over 65,000 personnel absences and bringing classes to a halt.

Kids Eat Free! States Push to Make School Meals Available to All

Lawmakers around the country have passed or are considering bills that would make universal free school meals permanent following the end of a similar federal pandemic-era program.

Schools Struggle With Lead in Water While Awaiting Federal Relief

President Joe Biden said in his State of the Union address that federal funds will pay to replace lead pipes in hundreds of thousands of schools and child care centers. In the meantime, schools are dealing with high lead levels now.

New College Corps Program in California Offers Students Debt-Free Pathways

Working on issues like climate mitigation, education, and food insecurity, students from rural schools help solve some of the most pressing issues rural communities face today.

State & Local Roundup: Republicans Moving to Fund Public School Alternatives

Plus: Court staffing crisis leaves divorce trials suspended; toxic train derailment; a state’s $3.5 billion accounting error; Oregon liquor officials accused of hoarding fancy bourbon; and more news you can use from around the country.

Public School Enrollment Dropped by 1.2M During the Pandemic

COMMENTARY | An expert discusses where the students went and why it matters.

Top State Democrats Outline Legislative Priorities

Where the party has majorities, they hope to focus on issues like housing, voting rights and criminal justice. In GOP-controlled states, they want to hold the line against Republican proposals on abortion, school vouchers and guns.

Has Remote Learning Buried the Snow Day? Depends On Where You Live

COMMENTARY | When communities are buried in snow, more and more schools are staying in session remotely.

Biden Administration Looks for Ways to Provide More Free School Meals

With a pandemic-era program expired and no help from Congress on the horizon, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says his department is considering options for how it can take action.

Can a State Erase Property Taxes Without Wiping out Education?

The long, difficult and ongoing quest to reduce property taxes in Pennsylvania.

Federal Spending on Kids is Up, But Expected to Fall

Pandemic-era programs gave the funding a boost. As it phases out, more costs could shift to states and localities.

How a School’s ‘Bike Bus’ Won Over Students and Charmed the Internet

Nearly 200 kids in Portland, Oregon join a weekly bicycle ride to school, instead of relying on buses or drop-offs. The fun-spirited, pedal-powered convoys have drawn nationwide attention and the teacher behind them says they have many benefits.