Survey: 45% of Parents Want More Options Than College for Their Children

But 54% of parents polled said they want their kids to enroll in college after high school, according to a Carnegie/Gallup poll.

Education Department to Conduct Thorough Title IX Review, Propose Changes

The process aims to address sexual assault, gender equity and LGBTQ rights as well as amendments issued by the Trump administration, officials said.

Civics Education Isn’t Boosting Youth Voting or Volunteerism

COMMENTARY | Research finds that states that require civics courses do not necessarily have more youth voting or young people volunteering at higher rates than other states—and there may be a connection to QAnon support as well.

States Consider 'Do-Over Years' for Students Affected by the Pandemic

Some policies allow students an extra year to participate in both academics and athletics, other measures focus entirely on sports.

Poll: Over Three-Quarters of Parents Support School Reopening

The finding comes as many students across the country have not regularly attended in-person classes since early last year.

‘It’s Patchwork’: Rural Teachers Struggle to Connect in Pandemic

Some teachers are hand-delivering reading material to students’ homes.

Study: Vaccinating Teachers Could Help Get Kids Back in Classrooms

Federal researchers examined coronavirus cases in a Georgia school district and their findings suggest that educators had a central role in transmitting the virus in schools.

What Does ‘Reopening Schools’ Mean? Here’s What the Biden Administration Has Said

The president’s powers to reopen schools during the pandemic are limited, but Biden has said it is a priority.

Lawmakers in One State Hope to Create a New Broadband Office

About a quarter of New Mexico students don't have home internet access. Legislators are proposing to create a division in the state's IT department to help address this and other digital equity issues.

Republican State Lawmakers Want to Punish Schools That Teach the 1619 Project

Lawmakers in at least five states have introduced legislation that threatens to cut funding to schools that share curriculum about the award-winning project.

These Are the Students Free Community College Programs Help the Most

Programs that cover either partial or full tuition increased the number of first-time, full-time Black, Latino and white students, according to new research.

Texas Prepares to Test for Lead in Schools’ Drinking Water for the First Time

An updated EPA rule requires drinking water in elementary schools be tested for lead and copper — a mandate that emerged from the Flint, Michigan, water crisis.

‘We’re Not Controlling It in Our Schools’: Covid Safety Lapses Abound Across U.S.

An analysis found more than 780 covid-related complaints covering more than 2,000 public and private K-12 schools. The pleas likely represent only a small portion of the problems.

Rural Communities Are Finally Getting Attention. So Where Do We Go from Here?

COMMENTARY | Despite a recent groundswell of interest, rural America still has unique challenges ahead.

Ski Patrol Before Teachers? States Criticized Over Vaccine Timelines

State officials chose which groups are next in line for coronavirus vaccines. Now some are facing criticism over who they prioritized.

Jordan’s Story: Isolated, Anxious and Failing Online Classes, an 11-Year-Old Texas Boy Considered Suicide

Months of remote learning were hard on the Frisco ISD student. Like other schoolchildren across the state, he experienced mental health issues, in large part due to social isolation during the pandemic.

With Schools Deemed Low-Risk for Covid, One State Urges a Return to Hybrid Learning

Delaware Gov. John Carney asked schools to resume at least some in-person instruction by Monday, saying that state health data showed that schools have not been significant sources of infection.

The Debate About School Safety Is No Longer Relevant

Even in places where schools want to reopen, too many teachers are sick or quarantining for classrooms to operate, and substitutes cannot fill the void.

A Decrease in Student Transfers Could Have Lasting Effects on Education Mobility

Transfers by college students decreased by 8%, with disproportionate impacts to minorities and community-college students, according to research from the National Student Clearinghouse.