States Need to Invest in Their Unemployment Systems, Labor Secretary Says

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh told congressional lawmakers that the federal government also has to contribute to upgrading the system that the Government Accountability Office deemed a poorly performing government program.

Seasonal Worker Shortage Threatens Closure of Public Pools and Parks

State and local governments are scrambling to fill summer parks and recreation positions, raising wages up to $16 per hour to compete with private businesses.

States Look to Community Colleges to Fill Labor Gap

Tuition incentives could steer more people toward workforce needs.

NYC Employees Eyeing the Exits as Mayor Insists on In-person Work

Mayor Eric Adams has been adamant that workers come into their offices full time. But municipal employees looking for remote work flexibility warn of a morale crisis and service slowdowns.

To Retain Women, Workplaces Need To Fight Burnout

Pandemic burnout is leading to devastating consequences for women, and it could set gender equality back a generation, a sociologist warns.

One State's New Unionization Movement

Starbucks, newsrooms and farms are some of the places in New York where organizing is beginning to take hold.

How Managers Can Significantly Reduce Employee Turnover

About 52% of exiting employees say their manager or organization could have prevented them from leaving, according to a report.

3 Steps for Addressing Employee Burnout

A higher salary may not satisfy workers who value their health and well-being over money, a new report says.

Teachers ‘Beaten Down’ By Staff Shortages, Covid

In a survey, a quarter of teachers said they planned to quit.

Federal Reserve Plans to Raise Interest Rates ‘Soon’ to Fight Inflation

COMMENTARY | The U.S. central bank said surging inflation is guiding its decision about when to lift interest rates. Two experts on financial markets explain what might happen next.

How to Reduce Employee Burnout and Slow Resignations

There are six things organizations can do to boost an individual's well-being and make the workforce more resilient, a new report says.

Governors Join Forces to Press White House for Work-based Visas

The labor shortage has threatened the viability of many local economies and businesses, Republican and Democratic governors said in a letter to President Biden.

There Are More Jobs Than Jobless People in 42 States

The labor shortage is by one measure the most acute since 1968.

OSHA to States: Protect Workers from Covid-19 or Forfeit Authority

The federal government put states on notice ahead of the vaccine mandate, saying it will take any defiance seriously.

State and Local Government Job Growth Lags Behind Private Sector

City and county payrolls are down more than 5% from pre-pandemic totals, excluding education positions, according to a report.

The Worker Shortages Plaguing the Public Sector

There are a variety of reasons New York is struggling to maintain essential services.

Mayors Wade Into Contentious Labor Law Debate

A U.S. Conference of Mayors panel moved to endorse a federal bill meant to strengthen workers rights, that is drawing strong pushback from business groups.

States Can Pay Enhanced Unemployment Beyond Cut Off with ARPA Funds

Extra federal benefits end Sept. 6, but Biden administration officials said using some of the federal relief dollars will allow for a more gradual wind down.

Research Shows Labor Unions Help Lower the Risk of Poverty

COMMENTARY | Households in which there was at least one union member had an average poverty rate of 5.9%, compared with 18.9% for nonunion households, according to new research.

Garbage Truck Driver Shortage is Creating a Mess for Solid Waste Agencies

"As the weather warms up, the garbage is going to get more fragrant and it will be more important for governments to get on this,” says one industry official.