New report: School cops double student arrest rates and race, gender key factors

Government watchdog reveals students twice as likely to be arrested when officers are present and their race, gender and disability play pivotal role.

Was Los Angeles schools’ $6 million AI venture a disaster waiting to happen?

The vision for what the much-hyped chatbot could do is ‘really not possible with where the technology is today,’ one insider says.

America’s biggest education experiment is happening in Houston. Could it change U.S. schools?

The controversial reforms underway in Houston ISD rival the biggest U.S. education experiments—and could impact schools across the nation.

The $190B question: Did federal pandemic funds improve test scores?

Two new studies attempt to answer that question as education activists and politicians debate the impact of federal spending, and as states and school districts consider which pandemic-era programs to continue.

FCC approves pilot to boost cybersecurity in schools

Amid a rapid increase in ransomware attacks on k-12 schools, the commission is allocating $200 million over three years to strengthen cyber protections.

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School's out for summer, but virtual learning is in

Momentum for virtual learning has been building for years, and come fall, it will be offered in hundreds of more schools.

After a 7-year experiment, New Orleans is an all-charter district no more

The closely watched experiment is coming to an end. New Orleans Public Schools will now act both as a charter school authorizer and an old-fashioned school district.

Utah’s largest teacher union files lawsuit against state's school choice voucher program

The lawsuit argues the voucher program violates several provisions of the Utah Constitution that require the state to establish an education system equally accessible to every child. It comes amid an expansion of these programs nationwide.

Report: State by state, how segregation legally continues 7 decades post Brown

Researchers unveil loopholes, laws and a lack of protections allowing Black, brown, low-income students to be excluded from America’s most coveted schools.

Arkansas led the nation in measuring obesity in kids. Did it help?

In 2003, Arkansas became the first state to send home "fat letters" or BMI reports about all students as part of a broader anti-obesity initiative. At least 23 states followed Arkansas’ lead. Some have since scaled back their efforts.

Free school meals for all may reduce childhood obesity

COMMENTARY | Growing research is showing the benefits of universal free school meals for the health and well-being of children, including a slowing in the rise of childhood obesity rates.

School vouchers continue momentum in state legislatures

2023 was considered a landmark year for school choice. It’s a trend that is showing no sign of slowing down, as lawmakers push proposals with fewer restrictions and costly price tags.

As COVID-19 emergency funding dries up, some rural schools may face a steep fiscal cliff in 2024

Lower-income districts are likely to face bigger budget reductions, along with districts who spent relief aid on teacher salaries and new faculty hires.

Active shooter training: State-specific requirements for schools and law enforcement

No states mandate annual active shooter training for police officers, according to an analysis by The Texas Tribune, ProPublica and FRONTLINE. In comparison, at least 37 states require such training in schools, typically on a yearly basis.

Private schools, public money: School leaders are pushing parents to exploit voucher programs

Voucher expansions have unleashed a flood of additional taxpayer dollars to the benefit of families already enrolled in private schools. In Ohio, some schools are now “strongly encouraging” parents to apply for vouchers, regardless of need or income.

Can wastewater alert schools about Covid spread?

COMMENTARY | While wastewater surveillance doesn't prevent all viral transmission, its role in understanding the extent of transmission could help officials ensure schools stay open during a public health emergency.

With youth overdose death rates soaring, state offers free opioid reversal medication to schools

The initiative comes amid a spike in the number of teens who have died from drug overdoses in the last five years.

Why advocates for transgender rights are so thrilled with election results

After years of putting transgender issues at the center of the culture wars, several anti-trans candidates were defeated in Tuesday’s state and local elections. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

Why some schools are halting Halloween celebrations

Concerns that some students may feel excluded from Halloween celebrations has prompted some districts to move celebrations outside of school hours.