State Government

This Year's Hottest Contests to Control State Legislatures

Democrats hope concerns about abortion access will bolster their chances to retake key chambers. But Republicans say President Biden's flagging poll numbers will give GOP candidates an edge.

States Take on PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’ With Bans, Lawsuits

Rising awareness has prompted action in more than two dozen states.

Pandemic Prompts More States to Mandate Paid Sick Leave

Seventeen states now have mandatory paid sick leave laws.

As State Institutions Close, Families of Longtime Residents Face Agonizing Choices

Iowa, under federal pressure to improve care for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, is set to join 45 other states that have closed most or all of their state institutions for such residents.

States Should Crack Down on Bogus Online Reviews, Advocates Say

They’re pushing for tougher enforcement efforts, along with stronger protections against lawsuits for consumers who post negative reviews for businesses on sites like Yelp.

New York Legislative Staffers Optimistic About Union

After going public with their campaign in July, organizers say momentum has continued to grow.

Medicaid Program Expands Funding for Seniors and People with Disabilities, but its Future Remains Uncertain

Medicaid's Money Follows the Person has allowed over 90,000 people with disabilities and seniors to move out of nursing homes and back into their communities. But Congress still won’t make the funding permanent.

Inflation Pushes Minimum Wages Higher in Some States

Minimum wages will increase in 13 states and Washington, D.C., next year due to inflation.

Lax State Data Privacy Rules May Expose Consumer Location Information

With states now free to enforce their own data privacy laws, regulators are on the lookout for mobile carriers sharing users' sensitive location details.

Republicans Running for Statehouse Seats Sharpen Attacks on Public Education

The strategy, which helped propel Republican Glenn Youngkin into the governor's office in Virginia, is playing out in the blue and purple states that Republicans hope to flip this election cycle.

Interstate Cyber Command Center Expands to 10 States

Fhe Joint-Cybersecurity Operations Command Center aims to include 30% of states by year’s end.

Voters in This State Could Take Away Governor's Regulatory Authority

The Kansas measure, which will be on the November ballot, would amend the state constitution to give the legislature veto power over everything from police certification to banking regulations to the sale of wild mushrooms.

Your Check's in the Mail: States Give Tax Refunds to Cushion Inflation

Taxpayers in at least a dozen states will receive refunds this year.

A Legislative Staff Unionization Wave is Hitting Blue State Capitols

Statehouse employees in at least four states are pushing to organize and Oregon staffers formed a union last year.

Republican Election Deniers Rack Up State Level Primary Wins

Former President Trump's clout in state elections was on display this week. In Arizona, his picks for governor and five seats in the legislature won their primaries. In Michigan, five of 10 Trump-endorsed legislative candidates on the ballot prevailed.

The Debate Over Capping Drug Prices is Headed Towards the States

A deal in Congress could lower drug costs for Medicare patients, but falls short of plans Democrats have backed previously. Meanwhile, some state lawmakers are pushing for broader limits.

The Rising Costs of Extreme Heat

Hot weather can be deadly. It’s also putting a dent in the nation's economy and forcing new expenses on states and localities.

The Senate Deal Could Keep Millions from Losing Health Insurance

Pandemic-era programs that helped more people afford coverage are set to lapse. Legislation that leading Democrats are now supporting would extend a key subsidy.

How to Run for Reelection With a Blocked Agenda

After Democratic governors in Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin rode a blue wave into office four years ago, their priorities hit a red wall in their GOP-controlled legislatures. But experts say they still have a shot at winning second terms. Here’s why.

Independent State Legislature Doctrine Could Take Power Away From the People

The U.S. Supreme Court will determine whether state legislatures have the power to regulate congressional elections.