State Government

The Latest Republican State Laws Undercutting Democratic Cities

States have used preemption to undermine local authority on public school curriculum, LGBTQ civil rights, Covid-19 related health measures and voting rights, according to a new report.

Influx of Calls to Suicide Prevention Hotline Could Test Some States

The 988 emergency phone system has widespread support. But its launch comes after decades of lagging investment overall in mental health services.

How Right Wing Candidates Fell Short Trying to Overtake a Solidly Republican Legislature

A primary fight that played out in Indiana on Tuesday pitted social conservatives against establishment GOP incumbents.

The Looming Battle Between States if Roe Falls

Lawmakers in some GOP-controlled legislatures are pushing laws that would go after women who seek abortions in other states. Democratic lawmakers are promising to provide a safe harbor.

How Data-driven Policies Can Help States and Localities

Officials say that following the numbers and looking at evidence has proven useful in tackling a range of equity issues and with steering clear of partisan fights.

The Outlook for States and Localities if a Recession Hits

One leading economist puts the odds of a mild downturn at one in three over the next year. But experts who spoke at a Volcker Alliance event described factors states and local governments have in their favor.

Short on Workers, State and Local Governments Look to Retirees

Lawmakers in multiple states are pursuing rule changes to enable former public sector employees to return to fields like corrections, bus driving and teaching.

The Rise of the Retro License Plate

With a simple aesthetic and catchy slogans, plate designs mimicking those from decades past are proving to be popular.

Facing Violent Threats and Abuse, State and Local Officials Are Calling It Quits

It's fueling concerns that qualified people may abandon or avoid public service. "That’s a big price to pay," warns one expert.

Younger Lawmakers Leaving Statehouses For Better Pay, Work-life Balance

Low salaries and long hours are among the reasons elected officials under age 40 say they are exiting midterm or not running for reelection.

Supreme Court Steps Into a Fight Over State Permitting Power

An order from the high court means that Trump-era guidelines imposing new limits on state authority to approve or deny energy infrastructure projects will remain in effect as the Biden administration works on a rewrite of the rules.

In a State Renowned for Its Budget Mess, Glimmers of a Turnaround

After decades of mismanagement, analysts say Illinois is “heading in the right direction” but still has work to do.

Successful Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Public Employees

Some department vacancies are 20% to 30%, but governments are making headway filling positions and keeping workers with signing bonuses as high as $20,000 and big hourly wage hikes.

The ‘Massive’ Task Awaiting State Medicaid Agencies

The end of a public health emergency would mean states losing hundreds of billions in funding for the health care program, and verifying whether millions of enrollees are still eligible.

It’s a Big Year for State Tax Cut Proposals

With elections ahead, lawmakers and governors are seizing on booming budget numbers and backing a range of tax breaks.

It Turns Out State Lawmakers Hate Auto-Renew Contracts, Too

Automatic renewal plans have prompted class action lawsuits.

States Look at Pulling Pension Investments From Russia

The state response to Russia's attack on Ukraine could affect hundreds of millions of dollars in some cases, but the sums are modest compared to overall public pension assets.

Gas Tax Proposal Threatens to Spark Trade War Among Northwest States

To pay for a transportation package, Washington state lawmakers want to tax refined gasoline sent to other states. Neighboring states are talking about ways to retaliate if the plan goes through.

States Lawmakers are Taking On Housing Policy Once Left to Locals

Legislators are looking at new—and sometimes controversial—ways to spur denser development and more affordable homes.

State Sets Up Tip Line for Parents to Snitch on Schools Teaching ‘Divisive Concepts’

Virginia’s new governor, Glenn Youngkin, signed an executive order to stop critical race theory from being taught in schools, even though it’s not in the state's curriculum.