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What the U.S. Supreme Court rulings mean for states and localities; watching the debt limit drama; and more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

Local Governments Escape Ruling that Could Have Upended Property Tax Laws

The Supreme Court ruled that cities and counties cannot keep surplus funds from the homes they sell after residents fail to pay property taxes. But local officials nationwide are breathing a sigh of relief that the court didn’t go further.

Amid Economic Uncertainty, State Tax Revenues Decline

If there’s good news in April's numbers, though, it might be that most states were already planning for softer revenue growth in fiscal 2024 and many have robust rainy day funds to weather a potential downturn. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

The Real Impact of State Tax Cuts

COMMENTARY | The debate over tax cuts that’s happening in statehouses across the country is about much more than revenues and spending. It’s a fight over whether we will have an inclusive democracy where everyone—all races in all places—can thrive.

The U.S. Supreme Court Could Upend Local Property Tax Laws

The justices heard a case last week on a Minnesota county's profit on a seized condo. A ruling could change property seizure programs nationwide.

Researchers Identify Ways to Replicate Success of Expanded Child Tax Credit

Working through community organizations that locals trust is the most effective way to increase the use of programs meant to lift people out of poverty, a study finds.

As Americans Kick the Smoking and Drinking Habit, Sin Tax Revenue Drops

Taxes on marijuana and vaping could replace the shrinking revenue, but analysts caution against setting new taxes without considering how they will impact behavior.

State & Local Roundup: The Child Tax Credit Gets a Boost

President Biden this week proposed bringing back the 2021 expanded credit amidst moves by states to enact their own. Plus: A red state pot rebuke; Tennessee restricts Nashville’s city council; Boston transit troubles; and more news you can use from around the country.

How One County Fixed Its Broken Property Tax System

Property taxes are considered the ultimate “fair” tax. But that fairness hinges on the assumption that homes are being assessed accurately, regularly and thoroughly.

States Are Scoring Millions in Tax Revenue from Sports Betting

Ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl, a Route Fifty analysis shows the states where income from sports gambling was the highest.

A Governor Backs a Major Funding Boost for Counties and Cities

His plan involves sharing 20% of state sales tax collections with localities and giving them more latitude to raise taxes.

Top Sales Tax Trends to Watch in 2023

COMMENTARY | The current economic uncertainty will shape state and local government changes to tax policy.

States Put Grocery Taxes on Ice

Two more states are tossing grocery taxes; others are considering it.

A Governor Proposes Slashing His State's Income Tax by Half

The "biggest tax cut in the history of this state" is how he described it. But critics say the hit to revenue, estimated at over $1 billion annually in future years, would further undermine already shortchanged public services.

This Dry January, Consider the Alcohol Excise Tax

Many states have abstained for decades from updating so-called sin taxes applied to wine, beer and liquor. One expert explains why changes could be on the horizon.

Here's What Was Left Out of the $1.7 Trillion Federal Spending Bill

A number of provisions state and local governments had been seeking were excluded, including renewed expansions of tax credit programs that help support low-income housing and households with kids.

State and Local Governments Look to the Sales Tax to Refill Coffers

COMMENTARY | During past adverse economic cycles, the tax has often proven to be a more consistent and efficient method of funding compared to the income tax.

The Fight to Expand the Low-income Housing Tax Credit

With the nation’s home shortage grinding on, advocates and some lawmakers want to restore, and possibly go beyond, a previous increase in the federal credits, which are key in helping finance the construction of affordable housing. But will Congress act?

Federal Watchdog Calls for National Online Sales Tax Standards

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have shown interest in the idea. But any plan along these lines is sure to draw skepticism from states and localities worried about ceding their power over tax policy.

How Your State Can Reduce Fraud With Marijuana Tax Payments

COMMENTARY | Governments can be unaware of whether they are receiving the correct revenues from cannabis sales. But there are options available to help agencies root out noncompliance, improve forecasts, and potentially up collections.