The New Digital Products and Services Proving Difficult to Tax

States and localities may have to update policies if they don't want to miss out on revenue.

Marijuana 'Sin Tax' Collections Show Signs of Outpacing Alcohol

In states where cannabis is legal, a new analysis finds excise tax collections from pot leading booze. But the money is a small share of state budgets and changes to the industry could affect revenues.

The New Buffalo Bills Stadium Is One of the Worst Deals for Taxpayers

COMMENTARY | Study after study has shown that stadiums are terrible public investments. Taxpayers rarely want to pay for them. So why do governments keep subsidizing them?

After Months of Talk, States Move to Suspend Gas Taxes

A Maryland plan is close to passing. But proposed gas tax holidays there and in other states could prove to be largely symbolic providing only minor relief at the pump.

Pennsylvania Senate Leader Proposes Lowering Gas Tax by One-third Through 2022

Politicians in the state from both parties are pushing to lower the price at the pump.

A Call for a Gas Tax Suspension as Biden Bans Russian Oil

New York Republican state lawmakers previously proposed halting the state's gas tax to alleviate the effects of inflation.

As Inflation Drives Up Prices, State Lawmakers Eye Cutting Food and Sales Taxes

More than a dozen states are considering such cuts, as others eye income tax reductions.

Gas Tax Proposal Threatens to Spark Trade War Among Northwest States

To pay for a transportation package, Washington state lawmakers want to tax refined gasoline sent to other states. Neighboring states are talking about ways to retaliate if the plan goes through.

How One State Wants To Invest in Child Care Like It’s Tesla

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is proposing to spend billions on economic development programs that critics want to allocate to social programs.

States With the Highest and Lowest Gasoline Prices

Missouri ranks No.1 for states with the lowest fuel prices while California continues to have the highest prices, according to a new report.

Welfare Is No Substitute for a Child Tax Credit

Some in Congress say the child tax credit isn’t needed because Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a success. Our reporting found it’s marked by repeated failures.

How Cities and Counties Are Dumping Abandoned Properties

Vacant building issues include unpaid property taxes, fires and crime, but localities are making some progress reining them in.

Why State Leaders From Both Parties Are Cutting Taxes

Republicans favor bigger, broader cuts while Democrats favor more targeted tax cuts and credits.

Bridge Collapse Revives Criticism Over Using Road Dollars for Police

It's common for states to use gas tax revenue to support law enforcement agencies. But is it a good idea?

In the Race to Win Electric Vehicle Factories, States Are Handing Out Big Incentives at Lightning Speed

Tax breaks are often controversial, but states are doling out a lot of them—plus land, infrastructure improvements and more—to lure manufacturers in this burgeoning industry.

Cities and States Find New Ways to Tax Streaming Services

Governments are desperate to recoup lost revenue as people cut the cable cord.

A Missing Piece With State Efforts to Test Drive Mileage Taxes

A federal watchdog questions why pilot programs for an alternative to the gas tax haven't been evaluated on whether they could be expanded nationwide.

States Ask Supreme Court to Consider Challenge Over SALT Cap

It's the latest development in a case that four states have brought against the $10,000 limit on the state and local tax deduction.

A Unique Funding Program to Keep Homeowners in Hot Neighborhoods in Their Houses

The Atlanta program, part of a wide-scale affordable housing effort, will use $10 million to help legacy homeowners pay soaring property taxes.