A Governor Proposes Slashing His State's Income Tax by Half

The "biggest tax cut in the history of this state" is how he described it. But critics say the hit to revenue, estimated at over $1 billion annually in future years, would further undermine already shortchanged public services.

This Dry January, Consider the Alcohol Excise Tax

Many states have abstained for decades from updating so-called sin taxes applied to wine, beer and liquor. One expert explains why changes could be on the horizon.

Here's What Was Left Out of the $1.7 Trillion Federal Spending Bill

A number of provisions state and local governments had been seeking were excluded, including renewed expansions of tax credit programs that help support low-income housing and households with kids.

State and Local Governments Look to the Sales Tax to Refill Coffers

COMMENTARY | During past adverse economic cycles, the tax has often proven to be a more consistent and efficient method of funding compared to the income tax.

The Fight to Expand the Low-income Housing Tax Credit

With the nation’s home shortage grinding on, advocates and some lawmakers want to restore, and possibly go beyond, a previous increase in the federal credits, which are key in helping finance the construction of affordable housing. But will Congress act?

Federal Watchdog Calls for National Online Sales Tax Standards

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have shown interest in the idea. But any plan along these lines is sure to draw skepticism from states and localities worried about ceding their power over tax policy.

How Your State Can Reduce Fraud With Marijuana Tax Payments

COMMENTARY | Governments can be unaware of whether they are receiving the correct revenues from cannabis sales. But there are options available to help agencies root out noncompliance, improve forecasts, and potentially up collections.

How Tax Credits Could Help States Reduce Child Poverty by 25%

A well-designed plan would collectively cost 2.6% of total state and local revenue and complement existing federal policies, according to the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy.

Voters in One State Approve a Tax on Millionaires

And in another they eliminated tax breaks for higher earners. But national trends with ballot initiatives to tax the wealthy are mixed overall this year and hard to interpret.

West Virginia Ballot Measure Has Local Officials ‘Very, Very Nervous’

A proposal before voters would eliminate a key source of revenue for the state’s local governments and end a tax on people’s cars.

A Fight Over How Tax Hikes are Passed at the Ballot Box

A proposal before Arizona voters would change the threshold for approving tax initiatives from a simple majority to 60%. Is it a check on outside groups funding tax-and-spend measures? Or a hit to citizens' power to approve new funding for their priorities?

Can a State Erase Property Taxes Without Wiping out Education?

The long, difficult and ongoing quest to reduce property taxes in Pennsylvania.

What the Housing Market Slowdown Will Mean for Property Taxes

Red hot home sales during the pandemic have cooled and that could have consequences for one of the main revenues local governments rely on. But the outlook varies place to place.

A Leading Republican Looks to Get Tough on the SALT Deduction

Rep. Adrian Smith, who is vying to be the top Republican on the House Ways & Means Committee, views the state and local tax deduction as a potential federal “subsidy” for liberal policies.

As Cities Recover, Financial Worries Loom

An annual National League of Cities’ survey finds optimism among city finance officials, but also wariness about risks like inflation and the possibility of a recession.

As Electric Vehicles Shrink Gas Tax Revenue, More States May Tax Mileage

This year, legislators in at least eight states debated mileage taxes on drivers of electric vehicles.

The Battle Over a 'Millionaires Tax' Heats Up in Massachusetts

Voters will decide this November on a measure that would impose the tax on income over $1 million. Supporters say it would raise needed revenue for roads, transit and schools, while opponents argue it will revive the state's reputation as “Taxachusetts.”

Colorado Now Accepts Crypto for State Tax Payments

The Department of Revenue has added cryptocurrency as a payment type, allowing residents to pay individual and business tax through PayPal.

The Fighting Over Online Sales Taxes Isn’t Finished

Deals worked out between local governments and companies before the Supreme Court cleared the way for taxing e-commerce are drawing increased scrutiny. If the agreements fall apart, it could blow a hole in some city budgets.

New Analysis Looks at Where People Pay the Most in Property Taxes

The report breaks down county level payments and offers a state-to-state comparison that takes into account property values and differences in how the taxes are assessed.