Local Government 101: A Maryland City Is Educating Its Residents About Their Community

Rockville University participants

Rockville University participants Rockville 11 / YouTube


Connecting state and local government leaders

Watch how Rockville University’s six-week citizen-awareness program works.

Should a local government create its own university to teach its residents about the functionalities and operations of local government? Officials in Rockville, Maryland, have.

According to the city of Rockville’s description of Rockville University:

Rockville University is a free, six-week citizen awareness program sponsored by the mayor, council and the City of Rockville. This program strives to teach Rockville residents about the City's history, its government and its neighborhoods. Classes are typically held once a year, in the fall. Through staff briefings, tours and a project, Rockville University will answer your questions about City government and help you develop the skills necessary to get involved in your community.

The syllabus for the next few weeks includes a session on the planning process, a tour of the water treatment plant, site visits to parks and recreations facilities and the police department.

Watch this video from Rockville 11 on how Rockville University works: