Climate Change

State workers fear federal grants won’t reach many disadvantaged communities

Amid historic federal investment in climate and environmental initiatives, employees tasked with distributing federal grants say they are overwhelmed and don’t have the bandwidth to ensure underresourced communities get the help they need.

Former coal towns get money for clean energy projects

Coal, oil and gas communities are receiving an amount of investment that is far above their share of the population.

One solution to fight climate change? Fewer parking spaces.

Less parking could pave the way for denser housing and more accessible public transportation.

Tears in our beer: Climate change could hurt beer drinkers

Hotter, drier summers could threaten the quality and quantity of a key ingredient to a refreshing beer, experts warn.

Where are the best 'climate havens' in the U.S.? Wherever you build them.

A refuge isn't something nature hands us, but something we have to create ourselves.

Democrats face a balancing act in advancing clean energy initiatives

Despite some skepticism, auto unions recently approved new labor agreements that invest big in the nation’s transition to clean energy. Three Democratic governors are calling it a win. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

The best and worst states for green, equitable transportation

A new ranking looks at how well states are directing money from the infrastructure law to improve equity and climate outcomes in their transportation networks.

How does climate change threaten where you live? A region-by-region guide.

The U.S. government's most comprehensive report on the effects of climate change details challenges for every part of the country.

Amid high heating prices, emergency funding for energy bills dries up

Congress approved one-time funding last year to help low-income families pay to heat and cool their homes. As winter approaches, states and advocates are calling for more money.

Local govs need a helping hand from states to build climate resiliency

North Carolina offers technical assistance to help local leaders assess their communities’ climate vulnerabilities and develop sustainable solutions.

How California and Florida are trying to stave off the home insurance crisis

Historically, the two states have had very different approaches to insuring against natural disasters. That’s changing.

Cities ask the EPA to help them curb methane emissions from landfills

Despite local efforts, millions of tons of the powerful greenhouse gas, mostly from thrown-out food, are being released into the atmosphere. In a letter, cities have asked the EPA for grants, trainings and stronger regulations.

Environment, immigrant groups say state needs to prepare for likely climate migration

The development of affordable housing stock and denser, walkable communities could help states like Maine prepare for migrants looking to move to more climate resilient areas.

Study: Rural communities still at disadvantage when competing for federal grants

Despite efforts by the Biden Administration to level the playing field for low-capacity communities, applying for government funding remains a tougher challenge for rural communities.

Exxon, Apple and other corporate giants will have to disclose all their emissions under California’s new climate laws that will have a global impact

COMMENTARY | California is the world’s fifth-largest economy. Laws tested there often spread across the U.S. and around the world.

How efforts to restrict democracy in Ohio also make it harder to fight climate change

Gerrymandering, voter suppression, dark money and other moves insulate policymakers from accountability when they prop up fossil fuels at the expense of clean energy.

Climate change is a fiscal disaster for local governments—our study shows how it’s testing communities in Florida

COMMENTARY | A new study of Florida’s fiscal vulnerability to climate change finds that flooding directly threatens many local tax bases.

Data map reveals local drivers of climate risks

The climate vulnerability index shows the intersection of increasing climate risks and long-term health, social, environmental and economic conditions so state and local officials can target the most effective solutions for their communities.

‘Disaster gentrification’ looms over Lahaina

The Hawaii city is recovering after a wildfire killed at least 115 people and destroyed more than 2,000 buildings. A top concern for officials is preventing local residents from being priced out.

Study looks at climate change effects on rural electrical grids

Investigators from universities in South Dakota, Puerto Rico, Maine and Alaska are working together for the next four years to study severe weather events and electrical grids.