County Government

Why Cities and Towns See a Huge Economic Opportunity in the Semiconductor Bill

As the legislation cleared the Senate on Wednesday, local leaders from tiny Taylor, Texas, to metropolitan Phoenix were eying the investment and jobs it could bring to their communities.

Counties to Get Free Services to Better Defend Against Cyberattacks

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a $30 million endpoint detection and response services program at no cost to 57 counties.

How to Regain Citizens' Trust After a Financial Scandal

Just getting rid of the people involved isn't enough. A complex task follows for local leaders to restore faith in the government.

The Evolving Debate Over ARPA's State and Local Aid Program

President Biden's top advisor on the American Rescue Plan Act dismisses Republican claims that money from the law is being wasted. But he's also urging local government leaders to look for more ways to highlight their successes with the federal funding.

Bus Driver Shortage Undercutting Local Transit Systems Nationwide

The lack of drivers has forced seven out of 10 agencies to cut or delay service, according to a new report.

Ratings Tool Helps Counties Assess Security Risks

Available through the National Association of Counties, SecurityScorecard collects and analyzes global threat indicators so governments can gauge their threats and the vulnerability of their supply chain.

How States and Localities Can Plan for the Growing Economic Uncertainty

COMMENTARY | Mixed signals are making it difficult for government finance officers to get a clear outlook for the future economy. Here's what they can do, says one county CFO.

Localities Look To an Untapped 'Goldmine' of Potential Revenue

A new initiative focuses on how cities and counties can capitalize on underused public property, like parking lots and office space.

Governments Begin Pushing Back on Investors Snatching Up Homes

Institutional investors purchased nearly 20% of all U.S. homes for sale in the last three months of 2021, turning most into rentals. Now, some state and local officials want to slow the trend, worried it is boxing residents out of homeownership.

Fireworks Are Cancelled Yet Again in Cities and Counties Across the US

Potential fire risks, supply chain issues and worker shortages have put a damper on these popular Independence Day events.

Why People Are Moving Away From Big Urban Counties

New research suggests that housing costs and remote work are fueling a lasting shift in where people are choosing to live.

Cybersecurity is No. 1 Priority for City, County IT Leaders

Thanks to the attack on Colonial Pipeline and the growing risk of international threats related to the war in Ukraine, 97% of IT leaders cited cybersecurity as their biggest concern in an annual survey.

Largest US Counties Lost Record Number of Residents in 2021

Nearly 70% of urban counties with more than 250,000 people saw their populations erode last year, “an exceptionally high share by historical standards,” a new report says.

How Data-driven Policies Can Help States and Localities

Officials say that following the numbers and looking at evidence has proven useful in tackling a range of equity issues and with steering clear of partisan fights.

Facing Violent Threats and Abuse, State and Local Officials Are Calling It Quits

It's fueling concerns that qualified people may abandon or avoid public service. "That’s a big price to pay," warns one expert.

To Republicans, State Surpluses and ‘Liberal Spending’ Illustrate ARPA Was ‘Reckless’

Mayors and county officials, though, tell House lawmakers that the funds provided much-needed pandemic relief for businesses and individuals.

Biden's Municipal Broadband Push Clashes With State Restrictions

The new infrastructure law says states can't exclude municipalities from broadband funds. But many block localities from operating internet networks. Will the Biden administration try to strongarm states into changing their policies?

More Than Books: Libraries Offer Free Meals, 3-D Printers, Counseling and More

Public libraries have evolved to focus on the most-pressing community needs. But not all librarians are embracing the new duties and are leaving the profession.

‘Mental Health First Aid’ Training Prescribed for Public Sector Workers

The National Association of Counties says its new program will help government employees identify when coworkers and others are suffering from mental health issues or substance abuse.