State and Local Government

State and Local Leaders Call for Overhaul of Nation’s 911 System

A group that includes mayors, police chiefs and state officials wants to rethink who should respond to calls for help.

Why Job Applicants Are Frustrated With the State and Local Government Hiring Process

New survey findings reveal that many workers are interested in public sector jobs, but get bogged down in the application phase.

Roe is Gone. States and Localities Must Protect Reproductive Rights

COMMENTARY | The 50-year era of Roe v. Wade has ended. We need a new movement in America to elect leaders who will restore the rights that have been ripped away.

Football Coach Had Right to Pray on School Field, Supreme Court Rules

The legal dispute emerged at a public school in Washington state. Some experts say the court's decision could have significant implications for the role of religion in the public sphere and signify a further blurring of lines between church and state.

Biden Strengthens Cyber Coordination Between Feds and State, Local Government

The State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act improves collaboration between DHS and state and local governments by boosting the sharing of information and federal resources.

Government Leadership and the Power of Mindfulness

By teaching themselves to move beyond impulsive reactions, executives can become more thoughtful—and more effective.

Lawsuits Over Miranda Violations Blocked by Supreme Court Ruling

The 6-3 decision does not eliminate the the rights. But legal experts say it will make it harder to hold law enforcement accountable if they don't provide the warning, which is meant to protect people taken into custody against self-incrimination.

Power to the Parents: The Homegrown Conservative Movement Going After School Board Seats Across Florida

From school board races to textbook reviews, the parental empowerment movement is on the rise in the state.

What’s Next for the State and Local Government Workforce

Route Fifty will explore the major workforce trends affecting government at our free virtual State of the SLG Workforce summit.

Despite Higher Costs, Vacationers Plan to Visit State Beaches, Lakes and Parks This Summer

Travelers also said that Covid-19 will not impact their trips during the next few months, according to a recent survey.

The Big Opportunity States Are Missing

COMMENTARY | State governments are excluding local governments from major policymaking decisions. There needs to be more collaboration and cooperation between states and localities if we want to see meaningful change in our communities.

Why Government Should Do More to Drive Down the Cost of Prison Calls

COMMENTARY | Incarcerated people are charged exorbitant rates to make calls or send emails, making it difficult for them to contact loved ones. But more connection with the outside world could help in reducing recidivism.

State and Local Governments Shifting to ‘New Normal’ Workplace

With lessons from the rapid shift to telework, governments are adopting permanent hybrid environments and keeping nimble, problem-solving mentalities.

The Case for Going Big With Infrastructure Spending

One mayor sees a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” with the wave of public works dollars, but he’s also concerned ambitious projects could get passed over.

Public Health Workers Still Fighting the Pandemic, Even as Policy Makers Move On

"It's not over," warns Dr. Georges Benjamin of the American Public Health Association in an interview with Route Fifty.

Sharp Rise in Abuse Targeting Mayors Highlighted by New Study

The findings show female mayors of color were especially likely to face threats.

Why Young Workers Don't Want Government Jobs—and What To Do About It

COMMENTARY | A recent survey of millennials and Generation Z adults paints a grim picture for the future of the government workforce. Here’s how states and localities can change the "disheartening" situation.

Why Public Service and Public Servants Should Be Celebrated

COMMENTARY | Public service has lost its luster. It's time to change that.

States and Cities are Moving to Make Virtual Hearings Permanent

In the nation's statehouses and city halls, officials want remote meetings to outlast the Covid-19 crisis. Disability advocates are among those who support the idea. Others worry about the loss of in-person interactions and diminished oversight.

States and Localities Score Wins in New Covid-19 Spending Deal

There aren’t any clawbacks of state aid and the package would extend greater latitude for spending ARPA dollars on infrastructure.