State Government

To Expand Broadband, States Should Figure Out Where It Isn't Available

A new report from the National Governors Association suggests states shouldn't just rely on the FCC to identify underserved areas, as well as use existing infrastructure and federal funding to increase connectivity in rural and low-income areas.

One State Will Use Education College Students to Plug Ongoing Teacher Shortage

Education students in Connecticut can serve as apprentice teachers in classrooms, getting paid the same rate as substitute teachers without needing to be certified.

State and Local Republican Officials Shy Away From Trump's Efforts to Overturn Election Results

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois House speaker’s power slipping amid federal probe … Milwaukee health workers face death threats … Florida sheriff’s office keeping list of kids seen at risk of “life of crime” … state-local spat over charity venison.

Trump’s Lame-Duck Status Leaves Governors to Wing It on COVID

President-elect Joe Biden has promised a more unified national effort once he takes office on Jan. 20. But with record hospitalizations and new cases, many governors have decided they can’t afford to wait.

Election Disinformation Fears Came True for State Officials

False attacks on the voting process seeped into local elections.

States Launch Broadband Grant Programs with CARES Act Money

Experts say broadband infrastructure projects will be more helpful in improving connectivity in the long run than the type of WiFi deployments that were quickly rolled out at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Study: The Best—and Worst—State Highway Systems

North Dakota maintained its first-place ranking in the 25th Annual Highway Report, which uses 13 categories to evaluate the condition and cost-effectiveness of state-run highways.

States’ Face-Covering Mandates Leave Gaps in Protection

Not all masks provide the same level of protection, but state guidelines often fail to spell out exactly what is allowed and what is not.

Texas Democratic Losses Reflect Broader Statehouse Trend

There was no blue wave to topple the red statehouse wall.

States Need Federal Money to Do the Right Thing

COMMENTARY | Bailing out bars and restaurants would allow them to remain closed—and curb the spread of the coronavirus.

One City Council Tried to Dissuade Protesters from Targeting the Governor's Private Home. (It Didn't Work.)

The city council in Orem, Utah, convened an emergency meeting to pass an ordinance restricting protests that target public officials' private homes. Two days later, protesters were back at Gov. Gary Herbert's house.

GOP Lawsuits Restrain Governors’ COVID-19 Actions

In most states, judges have tossed out the lawsuits or sided with governors.

North Carolina Will Help Test College Students for Covid-19 Ahead of Holidays

The state will distribute more than 74,000 rapid antigen Covid-19 tests to colleges and universities.

State Climate Action Unlikely After Democrats Fail to Flip Statehouses

After Democratic gains failed to materialize, the prospects of sweeping climate action—at least at the state level—have dimmed.

Few Big Changes—But Lots of Newcomers—In State Legislative Elections

Voters elected roughly 1,500 new state lawmakers in last week's election, but only one state legislature flipped party control.

Most States Aren’t Ready to Distribute the Leading COVID-19 Vaccine

A review of state distribution plans reveals that officials don’t know how they’ll deal with the difficult storage and transport requirements of Pfizer’s vaccine, especially in the rural areas currently seeing a spike in infections.

States Go After Small Businesses on Amazon—and Sometimes Amazon—for Millions in Back Sales Taxes

The Supreme Court in 2018 gave states the power to make new rules for collecting sales taxes online. But back taxes on products sold by small businesses on Amazon’s marketplace are still a major point of dispute.

Report: State Election Officials Find No Evidence of Fraud

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Oregon sex workers and strippers can apply for grants to help them through the pandemic … CDC says masks protect wearers from others … Texas rolls out mobile pollution monitoring.

The Worst Day of the Pandemic Since May

Covid-19 hospitalizations are now at an all-time high.

Georgia to Hand Recount All 4.9 Million Votes in Presidential Race

The state’s Republican secretary of state says the recount is not being driven by requests from the Trump campaign, but rather the narrow outcome in the contest. The current count shows Democrat President-elect Joe Biden leading.