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Barry Rosenberg

Barry Rosenberg is editor-in-chief of Defense Systems. Follow him on Twitter: @BarryDefense.
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Are new communications technologies battlefield ready?

Brig. Gen. Michael Williamson, joint program executive officer for the Joint Tactical Radio System, discusses the latest developments and challenges for the JTRS radios and waveforms.

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Army tackles data center consolidation, enterprise e-mail

The Army CIO tackles data center consolidation and enterprise e-mail, two major projects that have significant interest across the Army and the Defense Department.

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Army keeps tight grip on tactical network project

Army Col. William Hoppe, project manager of the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical system, discusses new developments with the program, its future road map and the effect of budget cutbacks.

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Battlefield network connects allied forces in Afghanistan

U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan have built a new communications network to share intelligence information that is crucial to military operations.

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Army builds major biometrics repository

Army Col. Ted Jennings, project manager for DOD biometrics, discusses the challenges of building a central repository and ways biometrics are being used to protect local populations and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Lord: 'Wire power is firepower'

Air Force CIO calls for greater reliance on networks to multiply military effectiveness.

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Chiarelli: Network must cover more than the battlefield

Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli tells LandWarNet conference that Army's network vision must be expansive.

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Army becomes net dependent, CIO says

The Army has realized that the network is its primary resource, and traditional weapons systems are fading in prominence, CIO says.


Cyber defense needs a good offense, Alexander says

Commanding general of the U.S. Cyber Command chief calls for a common operating environment, real-time awareness and “hunting inside our networks."


DARPA builds Cyber Range to test security measures

DARPA’s National Cyber Range is automated to ensure that new concepts can be moved rapidly from a test bed to an operational environment.

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Army grapples with sensor overload

The military pushes for plug-and-play tools to improve sensor-to-shooter situational awareness.

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Army aims for better e-mail, ERP services by upgrading infrastructure

Gary Winkler, the Army program executive officer for enterprise information systems, discusses plans for the area processing centers and lessons learned in recent implementations of enterprise resource planning systems.

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Army upgrades infrastructure on many fronts

Gary Winkler, the Army program executive officer for enterprise information systems, discusses the Haiti relief effort, upcoming solicitation for the Area Processing Centers and lessons learned in recent implementations of enterprise resource planning systems.

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DOD's reliance on commercial satellites hits new zenith

The military's ad hoc reliance on commercial satellites is prolonging efforts to meet warfighters' urgent demands for bandwidth.


Military could lose its technological edge, top official warns

The Pentagon's waning information superiority raises questions on future approaches to protecting its networks from attacks.

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Meshing of US and allied defense sensors gaining importance

Networking of sensors could help bring about reduction in nuclear stockpiles, says military's vice chaiman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. James Cartwright


Search me: AKO enhances search, jumps tech hurdles

Col. Earl Noble, project manager of Army Knowledge Online and Defense Knowledge Online, discusses new AKO capabilities, technical challenges associated with creating a federated system, and objectives of the newly implemented business process management capability.

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Army CIO sets sights on improved data sharing

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson, the Army CIO, discusses life without portable drives and his plans for improving data sharing, data quality and governance.


NETCOM commander weighs in on security

Brig. Gen. Susan Lawrence, speaking at the 2008 LandWarNet Conference, said that data and network security concerns top the list of vulnerabilities the modern-day Army faces.