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John Moore

John Moore is a freelance writer based in Syracuse, N.Y.
Digital Government

How will you manage big (and bigger) data in 2015?

Government IT departments will increasingly turn to data warehouse augmentation tools and tactics in 2015 to address their big data management challenges.


Energy recasts EA for cybersecurity

The Department of Energy’s CIO office built an EA toolset to ensure aging servers and software assets don’t become enterprise vulnerabilities.


Navy discovers a cache of IT savings in the cloud

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command found the path to cost savings by securely moving “low-impact” information systems, including web sites, small networks and data centers, to the cloud.


Washington state deploys cloud-based ITSM support tool

To help consolidate five departments into one, the Department of Enterprise Services chose an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool that supported a standardized IT support workflow.


How the Army trims apps before data center migration

The Army is using a multi-step process to rationalize and consolidate hundreds of applications as it embarks on a four-year data center migration project.


NASA sails to the cloud with AWS, open source, migration

NASA migrated 110 websites and applications to the cloud in a technology overhaul that included using open source tools such as the Drupal content management system and Ubuntu.

Digital Government

What's next for government enterprise mobility

The partnership between Apple and IBM may help overcome traditional barriers to deploying mobile enterprise solutions in the government space: security and long development cycles.


A closer look at Pennsylvania's cloud infrastructure plan

Pennsylvania awarded Unisys Corp. a cloud infrastructure contract designed to provide the precision usage of the state’s computing resources and a firm economic footing for IT decision-making.


Agencies set building blocks of the software-defined enterprise

As government agencies experiment with converged infrastructure, they see the outline of the future software defined data center.


Cloud takes backup role as cities remake data centers

With data centers under renovation, some agencies are using the cloud to meet their disaster recovery and business continuity requirements.


County mixes data center options with reference architecture

In Oakland County, Mich., a reference architecture approach to upgrading the enterprise helps preserve features of its existing data center while providing flexibility to adopt new services.


With converged IT, agencies rethink the data center

Agencies are exploring new options for reinvesting in physical infrastructure as new options open up to retool the data center and its features to the needs of government.


For some small towns, public safety means IT consolidation

Pressures on local governments to cut costs means that maintaining emergency and public safety services depends on consolidating or sharing IT and emergency operations centers.


Monmouth County shares new model for public safety systems

The ability to scale systems easily across jurisdictions, eliminating the high cost of maintaining redundant services, makes the case for local public safety IT consolidation.


As FOIA requests surge, EPA readies e-discovery toolkit

EPA is preparing a set of off-the-shelf tools to help it collect information relevant to litigation, FOIA requests or congressional inquiries.

Digital Government

Big data in Raleigh: Opening up and reaching out

The city of Raleigh, N.C., is reaching out to partner municipalities to maximize its big data potential.


In Buffalo, big data drives precision 311 'clean sweeps'

Buffalo uses customer service software to create density maps of citizen 311 complaints and orchestrate 'clean sweeps' of two- and three-block areas.

Digital Government

Chicago readies the next-generation big data network

In July Chicago will mount sensors on light poles, the first stage of a big data collection and analysis system that the city plans to open up to other jurisdictions.

Digital Government

DigitalGov Search delivers real-time analytics, better results

The newly launched open source search stack lets GSA’s DigitalGov Search perform real-time analytics and create dashboards to monitor Web search trends.


Patent Office preps for surge in applications

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will tap multiple contracts to acquire the storage, engineering and virtualization tools it needs to handle a burst of new patent applications it expects.