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Katherine J. Wu

Katherine J. Wu is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covers science.
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America’s Covid Rules Are a Dumpster Fire

COMMENTARY | If you’re confused by the CDC’s new isolation guidelines, you’re not the only one.

Health & Human Services

CDC Director: ‘Walk, Don’t Run’ to Get Your Booster

While some Pfizer recipients can now get an extra shot, federal officials are still mum on what’s next for the at-risk individuals who got Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.

Health & Human Services

The Coronavirus Could Get Worse

Delta is far from the last variant. But what shape the virus takes next depends on us.

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4 Reasons I’m Wearing a Mask Again

Our vaccines are extraordinary, but right now they need all the help they can get.

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Don't be Surprised When Vaccinated People Get Infected

Post-immunization cases, sometimes called "breakthroughs," are very rare and very expected.