Teachers demand climate solutions in their next contract

From California to Massachusetts, teachers unions have started to get loud about climate justice demands. In Chicago, the teachers union wants their new contract to address the rising cost of climate change on students and the community.

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New Tools Help State and Local Governments Battle Ransomware, Other Big Disasters

When governments find themselves being ransomed, their choices are typically to pay, which will undercut their ability to deliver key services to their communities due to budget restrictions, or not pay, resulting in the immediate inability to serve their communities and the loss of key data that will inevitably plague them for years afterwards.

Communities step up their resilience and climate planning

COMMENTARY | A county in Florida is leveraging federal funding to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency in public buildings and invest in renewable energy infrastructure.

After Amtrak’s ‘best revenue month ever,’ House GOP focuses on railroad’s bonuses

Congressional Republicans called for more information about executive compensation and more board transparency for the passenger rail company, citing ridership drops after the pandemic.

What makes a city ideal for office-to-housing conversions?

It’s the state and local leaders who can work creatively with restrictive building codes and tax incentives, one expert says.

MBTA is ‘barely treading water'

If Boston's public transit agency can't close a $700 million funding gap for the T in the next 13 months, it may have to consider massive service cuts.

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Midwest states launch new rail service, 12 years in the making

The new Borealis Amtrak service between Chicago and St. Paul has given rail advocates something to cheer about. But they hope other new projects can come online quicker.

Nursing homes are left in the dark as more utilities cut power to prevent wildfires

As preemptive power cuts become more widespread, nursing homes are being forced to evaluate their preparedness.

Highway humor is over some drivers’ heads

States to drivers: READ OUR WITTY HIGHWAY SIGNS. Feds to states: YOU’RE NOT FUNNY.

Congestion pricing: If it can’t make it in New York, can it make it anywhere?

Other cities are considering it, but all eyes were on the city that never sleeps. By trying to quell controversy over the downtown toll plan, the New York governor sparked new questions about transit funding, environmental goals and political consequences.

New York governor blocks downtown tolling plan at the last minute

Citing economic hardships, Gov. Kathy Hochul put an indefinite hold on the congestion pricing plan for Lower Manhattan, upending a decade of planning to reduce traffic and air pollution.

Support for rooftop solar outpaces other energy infrastructure

A new survey assessed support of local government officials in Michigan for solar, wind and nuclear energy infrastructure and power transmission.

The homeowner mutiny leaving Florida cities defenseless against hurricanes

The federal government is refusing to restore eroded beaches in Pinellas County unless homeowners agree to one condition: public access.

Boston-area commuter rail bounces back, while other agencies lag

The MBTA is luring riders back with more frequent service and more trains on the nights and weekends.

Post-pandemic, downtown recoveries continue to be uneven

From office conversions to bonding programs to unconventional approaches, cities are testing different ways to revive their downtowns.

Communities push to take over investor-owned utilities and make them public nonprofits

Advocates say public power can deliver cheaper rates and a faster, more equitable transition to clean energy. Still, the measures face long odds.

To drive revenue, cities turn to tech to fix their parking problems

Parking brings in $3 billion a year for state and local governments. That's why they are using new technologies to help push parking reforms aimed at streamlining enforcement and increasing revenues and environmental friendliness.

Spike in pedestrian deaths hits nearly all metros

The Memphis area leads the nation in pedestrian deaths, but almost all metropolitan areas have become more dangerous for walkers, according to a new report.

Water conservation standards are crucial to addressing future challenges

COMMENTARY | When cities follow water-efficient building standards, they insulate their communities and lay the foundation for providing clean water services to growing populations.

Colorado takes a new—and likely more effective—approach to the housing crisis

COMMENTARY | Colorado’s transit-oriented housing has gained support among developers, city planners and environmental advocates.

Successful city parks make diverse communities feel safe and welcome

COMMENTARY | Parks are like a city’s living room. Designing, building and managing them well makes them attractive to different groups and boosts inclusion.