The Debate About School Safety Is No Longer Relevant

Even in places where schools want to reopen, too many teachers are sick or quarantining for classrooms to operate, and substitutes cannot fill the void.

Government Executive Media Group Acquires City & State New York

Route Fifty’s parent company continues to expand its portfolio of information and services for state and local government leaders.

Some Pandemic Protections for Consumers Could Become Permanent

Previous economic disasters, such as the Great Recession, led to new laws.

Live Free or Die if You Must, Say Colorado Urbanites—But Not in My Hospital

Longstanding tensions between residents of two Colorado counties gets more intense during the pandemic.

The New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Lead to Happiness

COMMENTARY | And better ones to consider instead.

What Will 2021 Hold for Cities?

With no help coming from the federal government, can Richmond’s mayor still execute an equity agenda?

Survey: Residents Prefer Multiple Ways to Access Local Government Services

But the specific type of access that residents prefer—in-person visits, phone calls, or digital—depends on where they live and how old they are.

How to Outsmart Your Covid-19 Fears and Boost Your Mood in 2021

COMMENTARY | Releasing negative emotions is the first step in preventing stress overload.

The Big Lesson of 2020

COMMENTARY | 2020 should teach all of us that we can no longer ignore our biggest challenges.

The Government Promised to Return Ancestral Hawaiian Land, Then Never Finished the Job

Native Hawaiians are still waiting for state and federal officials to fulfill the promises of land legislation that was signed into law 25 years ago. “Justice delayed is justice denied,” said one former governor.

Anti-vaxxers Think This Is Their Moment

COMMENTARY | Society’s well-being depends on how well public-health officials and average internet users combat misinformation.

Landmark Climate Policy Faces Growing Claims of Environmental Racism

Concerns about California’s cap-and-trade program derailed a likely EPA chief.

Timing of Covid-19 Vaccine for Health Care Workers Depends on Where They Live

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Kansas and Missouri plan to rely on the honor system to comply with priority distribution of coronavirus vaccines ... Employees in one Louisiana city will receive a one-time lump-sum hazard payment ... Indiana lawmakers hope to shield businesses from Covid-19 lawsuits.

One State is Reforming Its Sex Offender Registry. Criminal Justice Advocates Aren’t Happy.

Michigan legislators passed legislation to revamp the sex offender registry, which courts have concluded is unconstitutional. Advocates say the new policies miss the mark.

A Burnout Crisis Hits Government

COMMENTARY | A soon-to-be released survey reveals some surprising findings about local and state public sector employees’ struggles and how helping them feel connected to each other can reduce burnout.

Public Transit Has to Come Back

The pandemic shouldn’t become a pretext for giving up on subways and buses.

Florida to Take Over Wetlands Permitting from Feds

It will be only the third state granted such authority. Environmentalists in Florida say the state doesn’t have the resources to assume these responsibilities.

New York Leaders Call for Restrictions on UK Flights

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Record numbers of Vermonters hunt and fish during pandemic ... Oklahoma recruits out-of-state tourists while feds urge limits on travel ... Hawaii governor warns of deep budget cuts.

'A Lost Generation:’ Community Colleges Report Record Enrollment Declines

New data shows total enrollment decreased by more than 10% since last fall, with the most precipitous drop seen with first-year students.

Four Essential Keys to Being a Strong Ally for Racial Justice

COMMENTARY | Everyone can do something to support racial justice. Here’s how to start.