Age Verification

‘Mission Impossible’ masks, bad data and immature tech dog age verification for social media

Another state signed a law restricting minors’ use of the platforms. But the continued growth in technology as well as “low-tech fraud” could make enforcement more difficult.

Americans are skeptical of online age verification, even as its use grows abroad

States are turning to technology to verify users’ ages before allowing access to social media and other content. But the approach faces an uphill climb without a national data privacy law that addresses Americans' concerns about the safety of their personal data.

New York weighs bills regulating minors’ social media use

If the bills pass, they would likely face legal scrutiny. A similar law in California has already been halted by a federal court from taking effect.

Arkansas social media age verification law struck down by federal court

Law would’ve been the first to restrict social network access based on age and parental permission.

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