Artificial intelligence

States clash over what responsible AI looks like

While some states are still establishing task forces and preparing to take advantage of the tech, others are more hesitant, warning of job losses and federal influence on a nascent industry.

Deepfake porn: The ugly side of generative AI, and what states can do about it

Policymakers are scrambling to rein in runaway deepfake content featuring nonconsenting victims in explicit images and videos.

FCC makes AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal

The move gives states new authority to crack down on AI-generated voice-cloning schemes.

Shining a light on shadow AI

Employees sometimes use artificial intelligence websites like ChatGPT to get more work done. But if they do so without approval, they may be putting their agency at risk.

AI misinformation a ‘whole new area’ for elections officials to deal with

Intergovernmental collaboration will be crucial in fighting the proliferation of AI deepfakes this election cycle, especially in helping voters navigate increasingly sophisticated robocalls and political ads.

AI technology sparks new worries, but poses familiar challenges to elections

With adequate technology policies in place, artificial intelligence may not be as disruptive to elections as previously thought.

AI is helping police solve more crimes, but some are still worried

At a recent Senate hearing, concerns were raised about false arrests and how little is known about the accuracy of some AI products.

Fake Biden robocall to New Hampshire voters highlights how easy it is to make deepfakes

COMMENTARY | Deepfake technology is widely available, and a pivotal election year lies ahead. The fake Biden robocall is likely to be just the latest of a series of AI-enhanced disinformation campaigns.

Capturing AI’s potential needs a ‘two-way street’ between the feds and states, cities

A senior White House official said all levels of government need to work together on artificial intelligence to “move faster” to tackle big problems.

States vie for leadership role on AI

In recent days, governors announced major artificial intelligence initiatives that include creating a subcabinet focused on issues related to the emerging technology, licensing ChatGPT for employee use and unveiling an “AI Moonshot” initiative.

New York governor pledges to ‘shape the trajectory’ of AI development

Kathy Hochul announced in her State of the State address an AI consortium and research center, and issued a new policy for responsible AI governance.

The Keystone State partners with OpenAI for first-in-nation AI pilot

Led by Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, staff in the Office of Administration will use the AI tools to create and edit copy, update policy language, draft job descriptions and help employees write code.

Employees need drastic reskilling to deal with generative AI’s data needs

Data analysts are just one part of the picture, observers said. Governments will also need data architects and business analysts, as well as ethicists to help with its responsible use.

The future of government jobs: Post generative AI

In the wake of dramatic technological advances, the workplace of the future will be far different than was envisioned a year ago.

AI could make cities autonomous, but that doesn’t mean we should let it happen

COMMENTARY | AI could take us beyond the concept of smart cities, telling us how and why things happen in urban settings. But cities must consider how AI systems could make uninformed or amoral decisions, one expert warns.

After an action-packed year, 2024 will be another blockbuster year for AI

State and local governments are still figuring out how to best put the technology to good use. Next year will be a critical one in getting it right.

AI could improve your life by removing bottlenecks between what you want and what you get

COMMENTARY | An artificial intelligence system could help identify voters' preferences, improving individuals' education of and participation in the democratic process.

A good AI policy needs to consider these 12 factors

As states develop guidelines and roadmaps for the new technology in the year ahead, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers has suggested a dozen priorities it says are key to a successful AI blueprint.

On the Agenda 2024: State and local issues to watch

Here are the 10 biggest challenges government leaders will confront in the new year.

2024 to bring ‘shifts’ in government tech

Obviously, artificial intelligence will be important. But a new report says there are other big advances on the horizon that governments will need to keep a close eye on.