Black Americans

California Bill Would Require Corporate Boards to Diversify

The measure would require at least one person from an underrepresented community to sit on the board of publicly held corporations in the state.

Black History Instruction Gets New Emphasis in Many States

Some state social studies curriculums infuse the Black experience.

Artificial Intelligence, Health Disparities, and Covid-19

How racially biased is AI medicine? Experts are asking if biased algorithms worsen Covid-19’s toll on Black Americans.

Searing Heat Will Make COVID-19 Racial Disparities Worse

Urban heat islands can be 22 degrees hotter than their surroundings.

Advocates Rally to Tear Down Highways That Bulldozed Black Neighborhoods

The interstate highway system flattened homes and businesses in Black communities.

America’s Cities Are Staggeringly Unequal

New data show how in every major metropolitan area, massive gaps still separate white people and people of color.

Pandemic Threatens Black Middle-Class Gains

The number of Black-owned small businesses dropped 41% between February and April.

Progressive Prosecutors Push for Reform in Response to Protests

Some say that the current moment has taught them the need for a thorough examination of the “historic impact of harmful policies” on certain communities.

First Comes Police Reform. Then Comes Everything Else.

Americans took to the streets to protest police brutality. But the need for systemic reform runs much deeper.

San Francisco Lawmaker Introduces ‘CAREN Act’ to Stop Racially-Biased 911 Calls

The Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act would create penalties for those who make false emergency reports.

Rhode Island Moves to Remove ‘Plantations’ From Official State Name

The full name of the country’s smallest state, “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,” will be changed on official documents to remove the words that have an association with slavery.

Black Businesses Largely Miss Out on Opportunity Zone Money

Minority investors often lack relationships with banks.

Black Professionals Miss Out on Recent Job Gains

Black workers with bachelor’s degrees lost 200,000 jobs in May.

Virginia Strives to Weave Health Equity Into Its Coronavirus Response

The state’s Health Equity Leadership Task Force is pursuing partnerships with local governments in order to get protective gear and information about the virus to minority communities.

Virginia, New York Declare Juneteenth a State Holiday

Governors in both states are giving state workers a paid day off as they propose legislation to commemorate the emancipation of slaves.

Racism Is a Public Health Crisis, Say Cities and Counties

COVID-19 is spotlighting health disparities; protests add urgency.

One City Considers Creating a Reparations Commission

In Chicago, the city council is discussing a measure that would create a group to investigate ways the city could redress systemic racism.