Mayors Endorse an Array of Emerging Technologies

City leaders staked out positions related to drones, public safety, broadband, renewable energy, blockchain technology and more at their 90th annual conference.

Millions Still Lack Broadband Despite 5-year $44B Government Effort

Watchdog recommends synchronizing the federal government's fragmented push by 15 agencies administering 100 programs.

Steps Toward Effectively Spending the Federal Broadband Funding

A new McKinsey report says states have a huge opportunity, but they need a dedicated team and be ready to assess where broadband is available already, among other things.

States Look to Electric Utilities for Broadband Connections

New York, Arkansas and Florida and their partners are taking advantage of utilities’ existing fiber-optic networks to spur middle-mile broadband connections.

Biden Administration Official Offers Tips For Tapping Broadband Funds

Andy Berke, a senior broadband advisor, spoke to state and local officials about $45 billion in pending federal money to expand high-speed internet service.

Biden Administration Releases $45B for Broadband to States

Guidance for the infrastructure program says states must make affordable broadband available to the middle class, too, and cannot exclude cities from being considered for the funding.

School Bus Wi-Fi Qualifies for Discounted Rate

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said broadband on school buses has been especially helpful in closing the homework gap.

Internet Service Essentially Free for Millions Under New Biden Program

With a discount already in place, 20 companies have agreed to offer service for $30 a month. Advocacy groups are hoping states will adopt similar pricing requirements. 

Lawmakers Request Support in Broadband Rollouts

House Democrats asked the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to help make good on broadband development with bipartisan infrastructure funding.

Bridging the Digital Divide with American Rescue Plan Act Funding

COMMENTARY | One year after ARPA was signed, states, cities and counties are making meaningful progress to expand broadband access.

How States Can Streamline Broadband Grant Administration

A new playbook aims to help states understand their broadband needs, determine which projects deserve priority and design and run a successful grant program.

How the Rise of Remote Work Intersects With Digital Equity

COMMENTARY | Reliable broadband access is essential to the success of remote worker programs, from the mountains of West Virginia to the rural towns of Oregon.

Biden's Municipal Broadband Push Clashes With State Restrictions

The new infrastructure law says states can't exclude municipalities from broadband funds. But many block localities from operating internet networks. Will the Biden administration try to strongarm states into changing their policies?

Commerce Issues States $277M in Grants to Build Out Broadband

Millions were dispersed across 12 states to develop stronger internet infrastructure, a key mission in the Biden administration agenda.

This State Plans to Invest $68M in Highway-centric Broadband Program

Arizona's expansion of the middle-mile network will make it easier to extend high-speed access to communities along the interstates.

Report: Broadband Expansion Depends on Reliable Data

A new report highlights the importance of baseline data with case studies of cities and states bridging the digital divide.

The Looming Battle Over How to Set ‘Low Cost’ Broadband Prices

States are gaining access to over $42 billion to expand high-speed internet service. But there are sharp disagreements over how to interpret a requirement for affordable pricing.

Federal Infrastructure Funding Creates Huge Broadband Responsibilities for States

COMMENTARY | States will receive billions to improve broadband access, but have limited experience administering broadband grant programs. Here are important priorities to consider to effectively use the money.

Commerce Secretary Outlines Priorities for Billions in Local Broadband Spending

Gina Raimondo said roughly $50 billion her department is overseeing will go first to communities without service, or where speeds are slowest. She also promised flexibility for states.

Cities Should Bridge the Digital Divide Using Federal Funds

A new report from the National League of Cities says while most local leaders are aware of their communities' broadband issues, they may not know how to fix the inequities.