Is Your State Ready To Handle the Influx of Federal Funds for Expanding Broadband?

States have widely different track records on expanding broadband internet access. Here are the ones that could struggle to handle the federal funds coming their way.

Broadband Dominates Tech Funding In Infrastructure Bill

Funds will go to expanding broadband and 5G connectivity nationwide.

Inside Pacific Northwest National Lab’s 5G Innovation Studio

Federal officials are exploring what the next generation of wireless capabilities has to offer.

Behind Detroit’s Homegrown Campaign to Close the Digital Divide

To educate residents about the FCC’s broadband subsidy program, the city launched a hotline and a marketing campaign with TV ads featuring the city’s distinct neighborhoods and flyers to hand out at churches.

The Infrastructure Bill Needs a Makeover, Not a 'Spineless Rubber Stamp'

The U.S. Senate's bill falls short in several ways and needs to be fixed before it is passed by Congress, according to a Maryland mayor.

FCC Releases First U.S. Mobile Broadband Map

The map, which shows where the four largest mobile carriers offer voice and data services, is a step toward improving the accuracy of high-speed internet access data.

'This Is 21st Century Infrastructure'

The pandemic highlighted gaps with internet service. But governments are pursuing innovative solutions—and there’s new federal money available for upgrading networks.

New Data Show Major Broadband Gaps in Smaller Counties

But even larger places have issues with inadequate internet service, according to a National Association of Counties report.

How Localities and States Can Prepare for Broadband Expansion

Governments can use American Rescue Plan Act funding to pay for broadband infrastructure. Experts say local governments are in the best position to know what initiatives will work to connect residents.

Wide Digital Divide Persists Between Low- and High-income Households

A Pew Research Center survey shows that people making less than $30,000 have few digital devices and lack internet access, in sharp contrast to nearly all of those making $100,000 or more.

3 Essential Elements Governments Need to Expand Broadband

Dedicated offices, planning and technical assistance and competitive grant programs are key components for effective broadband efforts, says The Pew Charitable Trusts.

States Invested in Broadband Expansion Despite 2020 Budget Woes

The need to move routine activities online during the pandemic sharpened policymakers’ focus on expanding access to high-speed, reliable internet for residents, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts.

GOP Senators Raise Infrastructure Counteroffer to $928B

Republicans and the White House are still far apart on the size of the package. And there are few signs of agreement on how to pay for it, with GOP lawmakers looking to repurpose Covid funding.

State and Local Leaders Form New Group to Tackle Broadband Gaps

Members of the NewDEAL Forum launched the task force this week. It’ll focus on issues like expanding high-speed internet access in rural areas and improving affordability.

Libraries Eligible for Billions in Federal Funding to Improve Connectivity for Residents

The Emergency Connectivity Fund Program, announced by the Federal Communications Commission, will help libraries purchase laptops, Wi-Fi hot spots and more for patrons.

Billions of Federal Dollars to Close Broadband Gaps are About to Start Flowing

The FCC has launched a program that provides $50 subsidies to help households pay internet bills and also approved rules for a $7 billion fund for libraries and schools.

3 Companies Settle Over Millions of Fake Comments on FCC’s Net Neutrality Rollback

Broadband companies funded an effort responsible for 8.5 million fraudulent comments supporting the repeal, according to a New York attorney general report.

Report: 77% of Americans Have Access to Low-Priced Broadband

The U.S. still faces challenges with slower speeds and a growing digital divide, but access is up from 50% in early 2020, which BroadbandNow says is “a major milestone.”

FCC Acting Chair Urges States to Nix Local Broadband Restrictions

More than 20 states make it difficult, if not impossible, for municipalities to establish broadband service. “We have to embrace all kinds of solutions,” said Jessica Rosenworcel during a Route Fifty panel.

Western Governors Are Leading the Charge on Broadband

COMMENTARY | In states across the West, governors are taking action to expand broadband access, pushing for more flexible funding, better mapping and faster infrastructure deployment.