Budget Planning

Why Washington Metro’s leader is ‘bullish’ on post-pandemic transit

Faced with a drop in riders and major budget shortfalls, Randy Clarke doubled down on providing more service to D.C.-area riders. It seems to be working.

Measuring and managing risk in the quest for resilience

COMMENTARY | Incidents like the Baltimore bridge collapse should motivate local leaders to think carefully about risk management, prevention and mitigation.

A range of emerging fiscal risks could disrupt state budgets

Tomorrow’s demographic, environmental, and technological trends require planning and action today.

Billions in earmarks headed to states and cities

The funding comes despite conservative opposition to the federal government paying for specific local projects.

Biden proposes 'historic new program' to address child care shortages

In his budget, the president is asking Congress for more money for child care and the restoration of several pandemic-era programs, including the full child care tax expansion.

Connect with state & local government leaders

WIC, rental assistance get funding boost in newly unveiled spending bills

But the bipartisan proposals for six bills would cut funding to housing and transit programs.

States move to cut grocery taxes

Amid rising food prices, more states are reducing or eliminating a sales tax that impacts lower-income households the most.

Congress averts shutdown for third time in four months

A short-term spending deal was passed on a bipartisan vote in both the House and Senate. But, as some hoped, it does not provide additional funding for two critical programs helping low-income Americans.

Mayors push for Congress to address the migrant crisis

But could the partisan debate over the border derail funding to cities and efforts to avert a government shutdown?

Funding for local cybersecurity efforts is insufficient, survey says

Local government IT executives are reluctant to even ask elected officials for more, according to the group behind the survey, knowing requests will likely be rejected.

House proposes slashing $4B from the EPA

The GOP funding cuts, passed along party lines, would significantly impact state and local efforts to improve drinking water and reduce water pollution. Additional cuts would severely hamper environmental justice projects.

Interest rates are rising, but states aren’t worried yet. Here’s why.

State and local governments generally use bonds to finance major infrastructure projects. But higher rates won’t bust budgets just yet. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

Blue and red states slash taxes despite warnings of hard times ahead

Since 2021, half the states have cut personal income tax rates.

Building trust in local government with better budgeting

A more transparent, collaborative and data-driven budget process can help municipalities implement real change.

The threat of another government shutdown looms

National, state and local government associations have warned their members that “fractious issues” could derail any efforts to meet a November deadline, affecting key housing and transportation funding.

Disaster recovery projects stall nationwide as FEMA runs out of money

The agency has paused $2.8 billion in spending as it braces for a looming government shutdown.

With the farm bill set to expire, Congress is still months away from a new version

A looming government shutdown has slowed the process even more. Among the key areas of disagreement is the SNAP program, a huge spending portion of the bill that helps low-income families buy food.

Funding for WIC food assistance remains uncertain amid budget fight 

As food costs increase, more women than expected have been signing up for the program. Without increased funding, states may have to turn women and their children away. 

Should states and localities be worried about the U.S. downgrade?

Or about the possibility of another one amid the budget showdown in Congress? Fitch Ratings’ decision to knock the federal government’s credit rating down a notch last month doesn’t directly affect state and local credit quality. But it’s a warning shot.

How one city is looking to future-proof its budgeting process

Nationwide, cities are attempting to improve their budgeting. But none appear to be taking more dramatic steps than fast-growing Fort Worth, Texas.