Budget Planning

Biden's Budget Would Up Spending on State and Local Programs

The president's initial fiscal 2022 blueprint, released Friday, calls for a 16% federal spending increase on a broad slate of domestic programs. Republicans swiftly criticized the plan.

Grading State Budget Practices at a Turbulent Time

The Volcker Alliance’s latest state budget report cards come as the pandemic has tested public finances and as historic sums of federal aid flow toward states and localities.

Which States Have the Lowest and Highest Tax Burdens?

The state with the largest total tax burden has more than double the smallest, a new ranking finds, but there is great variation in tax collection throughout the states.

States' Covid-era Budget Surpluses Could Pay For Infrastructure

Some states want to put unanticipated surplus dollars into transportation infrastructure projects.

The Overshadowed Plight of City Budgets

New federal aid offers welcome relief for many local governments, which have seen their financial difficulties upstaged at times by better-than-expected state revenues.

State Lawmakers Split Over Need for Federal Aid

Despite dire budget projections earlier on in the pandemic, many states are now anticipating surpluses this year.

Equity Budgeting in Cities: Directing Dollars Where They’re Needed Most

A growing number of cities are turning to their budget offices to help treat historically underserved communities more fairly.

Carefully Targeted Cuts Can Help With Managing Covid-19’s Hit to Budgets

COMMENTARY | Cities, counties and states are in some cases making broad spending reductions to manage the financial impacts of the pandemic. That might not be the best approach.

Covid Response and Budget Basics at Forefront for States

State governments are in a better financial position than initially thought, but pandemic-related initiatives will likely take up most of their time and resources this year, with more innovative lawmaking taking a backseat, experts said.

What Will 2021 Hold for Cities?

With no help coming from the federal government, can Richmond’s mayor still execute an equity agenda?

Heading Into 2021, State and Local Budget Gloom Lingers

Revenues are better than initially expected in some states. But they’re still down in many places as the cost of the pandemic response adds up.

End Nears for Fed’s Municipal Lending Program

The initiative only attracted two borrowers, but experts say it helped to stabilize the municipal bond market following Covid-driven turmoil earlier this year.

Timing of Covid-19 Vaccine for Health Care Workers Depends on Where They Live

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Kansas and Missouri plan to rely on the honor system to comply with priority distribution of coronavirus vaccines ... Employees in one Louisiana city will receive a one-time lump-sum hazard payment ... Indiana lawmakers hope to shield businesses from Covid-19 lawsuits.

New Bill Proposes Stopping Unemployment Agencies That Make Mistakes From Demanding Money Back

State unemployment agencies have been demanding recipients repay thousands of dollars, even if the agency made the mistake and the money’s already been spent. After ProPublica investigated the practice, legislators are trying to end it.

Possibility of State Medicaid Cuts Looms in 2021

When states reduce spending on the program it also means they lose federal matching funds. Meanwhile, a new report highlights the long-term importance of the health coverage for kids.

McConnell: State and Local Aid Should Be Left Out of Near-Term Virus Relief Deal

The Senate majority leader recommended passing a package with programs that Democrats and Republicans can agree on, while the Trump administration offered its own proposal.

A City Looks to Incorporate More, and More Diverse, Input Into Its Budget Process

Philadelphia this week announced a participatory budgeting program for a $1 million pot of money, as well as other initiatives geared toward reducing racial inequities with city spending.

With the Election Over, Will Covid Stimulus Actually Move Forward?

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Congress needs to approve a coronavirus aid package before the end of the year.

Jobs Recovery Slows for States and Remains Uneven

An analysis by Fitch Ratings found that job growth had slowed for most states as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations surge across the country.

States Are Getting Close to Spending Down Federal Covid Aid

Two surveys of state and local officials find that states and local governments are using up the money, but that restrictions on how it can be spent have been problematic.