Budget Planning

The New Digital Products and Services Proving Difficult to Tax

States and localities may have to update policies if they don't want to miss out on revenue.

Local Governments Vie for New Round of Congressional Earmarks

The revival of what critics deride as "pork" yielded $2.7 billion for localities this year. Now they're looking to secure even more of the federal cash. “We've had dozens of communities across our district submit requests,” says one House lawmaker.

The Outlook for States and Localities if a Recession Hits

One leading economist puts the odds of a mild downturn at one in three over the next year. But experts who spoke at a Volcker Alliance event described factors states and local governments have in their favor.

States and Localities Score Wins in New Covid-19 Spending Deal

There aren’t any clawbacks of state aid and the package would extend greater latitude for spending ARPA dollars on infrastructure.

In a State Renowned for Its Budget Mess, Glimmers of a Turnaround

After decades of mismanagement, analysts say Illinois is “heading in the right direction” but still has work to do.

Key Senator Indicates State ARPA Funds Takeback is Still on the Table

“Any of the funding is open for discussion,” U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney said as negotiators try to reach a deal over emergency Covid-19 funding that the Biden administration wants.

Biden Wants to Send Even More Federal Dollars to States and Localities

The president's budget plan would raise spending in areas like housing and law enforcement. The proposals come as billions in pandemic aid is flowing to the state and local level.

State and Local Government Jobs Still Trailing Great Recession Lows

Even with billions in federal aid, the state and local workforce isn't bouncing back from the pandemic. Jobs held by many women and people of color are among those with the greatest declines, according to a new analysis.

The ‘Massive’ Task Awaiting State Medicaid Agencies

The end of a public health emergency would mean states losing hundreds of billions in funding for the health care program, and verifying whether millions of enrollees are still eligible.

How Your Government Agency Can Recoup Millions of Dollars

COMMENTARY | Recovering indirect costs from grants and contracts can help refill the general fund, which is under pressure due to rising costs and ongoing needs related to the pandemic.

City Officials Condemn Congress' Failed Plan to Claw Back ARPA Funds, Vow to Fight Future Attempts

The controversy over the aid to states could reemerge on Capitol Hill in the days ahead. Meanwhile, President Biden offered suggestions for how cities spending American Rescue Plan dollars.

Massive Spending Bill Clears Senate, Promising to Unlock Infrastructure Funds for States and Localities

The $1.5 trillion legislation would keep the federal government funded through September. It does not include provisions to grant more flexibility with state and local American Rescue Plan spending. Congress backed off proposed cuts to state aid—for now.

House Passes Spending Bill, After Ditching Plan to Claw Back State Aid

A proposal that emerged on Wednesday could have involved rescinding around $7 billion in American Rescue Plan Act funding from 30 states. But it was cast aside amid objections from Democratic lawmakers and state officials.

White House Moves to Identify 'Disadvantaged' Communities in Line for Federal Funding Boost

The administration wants to steer more money to areas most in need and has released a draft of places that should get more help.

The Next Frontier in Equity is All About Data

COMMENTARY | Developing strategies centered on data collection is critical for governments to make sure resources are deployed in an effective and equitable way.

Massive Budget Bill Would Open Even More State and Local Funding

In a year that's already seen a major infrastructure package signed into law and billions in pandemic aid, domestic spending legislation the U.S. House approved last week promises to direct additional federal cash towards state and local priorities.

The Federal Government Spent Record Amounts of Money on Children Last Year. It Probably Won’t Last.

Spending on children—including tax programs, education, nutrition and social services—by state and local governments also will likely fall back to pre-pandemic levels within several years as Covid-19 relief measures expire, according to an Urban Institute report.

Massive Cash Flow Sparks State Spending Sprees

Thanks to federal aid and rising revenue, state policymakers can afford big investments.

4 Things to Know About Local Government Fiscal Conditions

Despite fiscal challenges over the past 18 months, cities have demonstrated greater resilience than expected through the pandemic, according to a report.

College Towns Challenging Census Results After Pandemic Poses Count Problems

These cities, in particular, said their population estimates seemed low, likely the result of the census being conducted after campuses switched to remote learning.