Why Economists Called Gov. Kathy Hochul’s $850 Million Buffalo Bills Deal a ‘Boondoggle’

The New York agreement would be the largest public funding of a sports stadium in U.S. history.

Moderate Democrats Prevail in Notable Local Races, as a High Profile Police Reform Initiative Fails

But progressives also scored some key wins. Experts caution that off-year elections typically do not serve as a great barometer for the nation's political leanings.

Route Fifty Presents: The Top State and Local Races to Watch on Election Night

Here's a roundup of the hottest governors' and mayors' contests around the U.S.

The Buffalo Bills Owners Want a New Stadium, and Taxpayers Might Help Them Pay For It

The NFL team is a Western New York treasure, and critics say the owners are exploiting that to help pay for the $1.4 billion project.

‘Love Your Block’ Grants Headed to Rural and Urban Cities

Each city will receive $100,000 and expert help from Cities of Service to quell the negative impact of abandoned and deteriorating properties.

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Parking Reform Could Reenergize Downtowns – Here’s What Happened When Buffalo Changed its Zoning Rules

COMMENTARY | Despite growing support for parking reform, there is little data showing how such changes affect urban development.

A City’s 48-Hour Push to Maintain 311 Service With At-Home Staff

The Buffalo, New York program highlights how the coronavirus has forced many state and local governments to quickly adopt new technology. Some officials see lasting value in the changes.

Establishing Covid-19 Testing Sites for All

COMMENTARY | Racial and socioeconomic inequities continue to be exacerbated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Community leaders must engage residents who are most vulnerable to identify equitable response measures.

This County Would Have Seen Its Opioid Overdose Rate Double

Erie County, N.Y. Executive Mark Poloncarz says his jurisdiction was on its way to 550 overdose deaths in 2016. Here’s what the county government did to keep that from happening.

Improving Conservation Planning With GIS to Improve Water Quality

Mapping offers ways for governments to identify, prioritize and mark green infrastructure for preservation and rehabilitation.

Navigator Award Finalists: Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown and Team

Using municipal data to expand a blight-fighting program that strengthen communities and improves city services.

In the ‘City of Good Neighbors,’ Government Leads by Example

In a guest article, Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown discusses how his city is harnessing data and empowering citizens to improve their community and government.