Taco Bowls and Chicken Curry: Medi-Cal Delivers Ready Meals in Grand Health Care Experiment

In California's Inland Empire, where many residents have diabetes, a health plan is delivering healthy, prepared meals to those lucky enough to get them.

The Legal Clash Over a City’s Landmark Natural Gas Ban

Since Berkeley, California prohibited gas connections to most new buildings, dozens of cities have followed suit with similar policies. Now, a federal appeals court will decide whether the local statute is allowed under federal law.

Cities With the Worst Air Pollution in the US

More than 40% of people live in places with unhealthy air quality, according to a recent report.

One State Lawmaker's Plan to Ramp Up the Battle Against Wild Hogs

California, like other states, is trying to manage the invasive animals, which cause billions in damage each year nationwide. A state senator wants to make it easier for people to hunt them.

Homeowners Have 40% Lower Transportation Costs Living Near Mass Transit

But the cost savings are not so clear for renters living in the same areas because they pay housing premiums, according to a recent report.

Top Cities for Gen Z Renters

Young adults moved more than any other age group of renters during the pandemic, and they chose places with a lot of jobs opportunities, a lively social scene, diversity and reliable connectivity, according to a new report.

Nearly 500 US Cities Have Average Home Prices of $1M

Roughly 150 cities were added to a list of places where house prices topped $1 million in 2021, according to a new report.

A Parched West Remains Divided on Desalinating Seawater

Environmentalists criticize the technology as economically and ecologically harmful.

The Democratic States Moving to End Mask Mandates

Governors and other officials in at least five blue states took steps this week to dial back the requirements.

Los Angeles’ Long, Troubled History With Urban Oil Drilling Is Nearing an End After Years of Health Concerns

Photos from the early 1900s show LA’s forests of oil derricks. Hundreds of wells are still pumping, and research shows how people living nearby are struggling with breathing problems.

Stop Fetishizing Old Homes

COMMENTARY | Whatever your aesthetic preferences, new construction is better on nearly every conceivable measure.

California’s Drought Reckoning Could Offer Lessons for the West

State officials and experts argue strongly for water-saving measures.

Best Places for Winter Outdoor Activities

A new list from Outside magazine recommends some of the nation’s top spots for a winter vacation.

Mattresses and Mold Removal: Medi-Cal to Offer Unconventional Treatments to Asthma Patients

MADERA, Calif. — Growing up amid the dusty agricultural fields of the Central Valley, Ruby Marentes-Cabrera can’t recall a time when it wasn’t difficult to breathe.

Bills Modeled on Texas Abortion Law Target Sex Abusers, Gun Sellers

California’s governor wants to use Texas tactics to go after assault weapons sold in his state, while an Illinois state lawmaker seeks to penalize sex offenders.

Smashed Cars, Burnt Trees, Soggy Insulation: Post-disaster Cleanup Is Expensive, Time-consuming and Wasteful

COMMENTARY | Government agencies have detailed plans for responding to disasters, like the Dec. 10-11, 2021 tornados. But one issue doesn’t get enough attention: cleaning up the mess left behind.

California’s Water Supplies Are in Trouble as Climate Change Worsens Natural Dry Spells

The State Water Project cut its initial allocations for water agencies to 0% for 2022. A California water expert explains why.

One County Will Give $76 Million in ‘Hero Pay’ to Public Employees for Covid Response

Most full-time workers in California’s Santa Clara County will receive $2,500 bonuses, all paid for with the county's federal Covid-19 relief allotment.

Why Building More Homes Won’t Solve the Affordable Housing Problem for the Millions of People Who Need It Most

COMMENTARY | California and other states plan to build more homes in an effort to fix America’s affordable housing problem. But that’s not the main reason housing remains unaffordable for millions of people.

Taking Race Out of Criminal Charges

Prosecutors in Yolo County, California, are attempting “race-blind charging” by using software to redact identifying information, including race and other descriptors, from police reports.