Campaigns & Elections

Judge Strikes Down Michigan Ban on Open Carrying Guns at Polls

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New report warns of increased militia activity … A Nevada county and airport fined by state for President Trump’s rally violating Covid rules … Pandemic negotiations falter before election.

These State Legislative Chambers Are Most Likely to Flip Blue

Democrats could take control in a handful of states, including North Carolina and Texas. But it won't be easy.

Wealthy Donors Spend Big to Expand Voting Access

With limited resources, governments turn to the super wealthy for election help.

Russia and Iran Obtained Voter Information to Meddle in Election, Federal Government Says

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Colorado aims to safely reopen ski resorts ... Wichita man accused of threatening mayor over mask ordinance is charged with criminal threat ... University of Michigan places students on lockdown as coronavirus surges.

OxyContin Manufacturer Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges in Opioid Lawsuit

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Iowa misspent $21 million in coronavirus relief funds, audit finds ... California city will launch a pilot program to guarantee income for some residents ... Georgia voters may not know who funded campaigns before casting ballots.

Despite Pandemic Threat, Gubernatorial Hopefuls Avoid COVID Nitty-Gritty

Voters who are deciding the next occupant of their governor’s mansion are also effectively choosing the next leader of their state’s COVID-19 response.

Will Colorado Bring Back Wolves? It’s Up to Voters

COMMENTARY | By the 1940s, shooting, trapping and poisoning had eradicated gray wolves from the state. Wildlife biologists will likely need to reintroduce them if Colorado voters decide to move ahead.

Eleven States Join DOJ in Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Police in Colorado take off-road vehicles to homeless encampment to provide vaccines and Covid tests … Can city recoup cancelled RNC costs? … Colleges require flu shots.

In a Battle of AI Versus AI, Researchers Are Preparing for the Coming Wave of Deepfake Propaganda

COMMENTARY | Deepfake detection as a field of research was begun a little over three years ago.

Texas Can Limit Counties to a Single Ballot Drop-off Location, Appeals Court Rules

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday ruled that Texas can mandate only one drop-off location for absentee ballots in each county, reversing a lower court ruling on Gov. Greg Abbott's order earlier this month.

Cities Giving Paid Leave to Employees to Work the Polls

Facing shortages of poll workers, some city officials are allowing employees to volunteer as election workers in exchange for paid leave.

Voting By Mail? You May Not Get a Sticker That Says So.

Whether you receive an "I Voted" sticker with your ballot depends entirely on where you live. Some election officials are cautioning against dispensing stickers in person out of fears of spreading the coronavirus.

Black Women Legislators Are Rare in Statehouses. This Could Be the Solution.

Statehouses are predominantly White and male-led. One PAC in Washington state wants to change that—and be the model for other legislatures.

Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 200,000

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | CDC advises against trick-or-treating ... Wisconsin judge grants voters extra time to return mail-in ballots ... Alaskan dog-sled race will kick off as scheduled despite pandemic.

CDC Pulls Updated Guidance on Coronavirus Spread, Saying it was Posted By Mistake

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Barges came ashore during Florida hurricane ... Maryland lab stopped using coronavirus tests acquired by governor after false positives ... Pennsylvania inmate finds noose in bed.

The Question of Who Will Appear on the Wisconsin Presidential Ballot is Still Up in the Air

Both the Green Party candidate and rapper Kanye West are fighting to appear on the ballot in a state expected to see razor thin margins during the 2020 presidential election.

The Red State That Isn’t Worried About a Mail-In Election

Utah has thoroughly embraced voting by mail with no problems. Why can’t the rest of the country follow suit?

More People With Felony Convictions Can Vote, but Roadblocks Remain

Since 2016, at least nine states have restored voting rights to some people with felonies.

State Attorneys General May Sue Trump Administration Over Changes to USPS

State officials are alarmed by recent changes at the U.S. Postal Service, which could threaten an election held largely via mail-in voting.

Mothers Are Increasingly Running for Office. Will COVID-19 Sideline Their Momentum?

The long-term ramifications of the pandemic on political campaigning are still unclear, but there are signs that mothers could be disproportionately affected.