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'We Can't Have Different Facts': Why Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Still Believes in Universal Truths

The Pennsylvania Democrat received national attention for his blunt takedowns of voter fraud claims in the wake of the November election. He's now pondering a U.S. Senate run.

Voters Are Starting to Act Like Hard-Core Sports Fans—With Dangerous Repercussions for Democracy

COMMENTARY | Fandom can go beyond outfits. It can become a core component of a person's identity, making losses feel personal.

States Should Lead the Effort to Reform the Electoral College

COMMENTARY | The 2020 presidential election has underscored the need to overhaul the Electoral College.

'It's All Gone Too Far:' A State Election Official Takes on Trump and the Age of Misinformation

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia's voting system implementation manager, called out his fellow Republicans for failing to condemn threats and conspiracy theories in the wake of the election. The world heard him.

State and Local Republican Officials Shy Away From Trump's Efforts to Overturn Election Results

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois House speaker’s power slipping amid federal probe … Milwaukee health workers face death threats … Florida sheriff’s office keeping list of kids seen at risk of “life of crime” … state-local spat over charity venison.

'Good, Honest, Capable, and Willing People:' A Take on Election Administrators Goes Viral

James Young, Louisville's former director of elections, took to Twitter to defend the integrity of election workers. Twelve thousand retweets later, he explains why.

Trump Turns to State Legislators in His Bid to Overturn Election Results

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | CDC recommends avoiding Thanksgiving travel … Biden meets with governors … Third Cincinnati council member arrested on corruption charges … Las Vegas tries to lure tech workers from Seattle and San Francisco

Top Tech Companies Begin Pushing Priorities for Biden Administration

Microsoft, IBM and other companies urged the president-elect to consider policies for boosting workforce development, solving the pandemic and addressing biometrics in surveillance.

Few Big Changes—But Lots of Newcomers—In State Legislative Elections

Voters elected roughly 1,500 new state lawmakers in last week's election, but only one state legislature flipped party control.

Report: State Election Officials Find No Evidence of Fraud

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Oregon sex workers and strippers can apply for grants to help them through the pandemic … CDC says masks protect wearers from others … Texas rolls out mobile pollution monitoring.

Georgia to Hand Recount All 4.9 Million Votes in Presidential Race

The state’s Republican secretary of state says the recount is not being driven by requests from the Trump campaign, but rather the narrow outcome in the contest. The current count shows Democrat President-elect Joe Biden leading.

In One Kentucky Community, Dogs Rule—Literally

Wilbur, a 6-month-old French bulldog, is the latest canine mayor of Rabbit Hash, an unincorporated community in Kentucky that's been led by dogs since the late 1990s.

State and Local Leaders Tapped to Assist With Biden Transition

The president-elect’s “agency review teams,” including one focused on transportation, will in some cases be led by state and local government officials.

The Big Success Story of the Election Is the One You Didn’t Hear

COMMENTARY | Government employees were the unsung heroes of the voting process.

QAnon Is Winning

Conspiracy thinking in America had a huge night on Tuesday.

Pelosi Touts Possible Bipartisan Cooperation on Infrastructure After Election

The House speaker also said she has no plans to stop pressing for a big coronavirus relief deal. Meanwhile, at least one top Senate Republican also indicated it’s possible Democrat and GOP lawmakers could come together on a public works plan.

How to Cope With the Election Agony

In presidential elections, the happiness losers lose more than the winners win.

Mayors Reelected in Two Cities that Saw Extensive Protests

The mayors of Portland, Oregon and Richmond, Virginia will both move on to another term. Meanwhile, new mayors will take office in Baltimore, Honolulu and Miami-Dade.

A Big 2020 Election Hack Never Came. Here’s Why.

America’s cyber defenders are getting more proactive—and more chatty.

Republicans, Democrats Fail to Flip Attorney General Seats

Ten states held elections for the office of attorney general this year.