Child Care

Congress finally approves spending budget, nearly six months late

The vote in the House and Senate averts a shutdown and brings funding certainty. But several programs significant to state and local governments will see cuts.

Spending package cuts grants to cities to help with influx of migrants

The six spending bills also fail to fund internet subsidies and security for places of worship.

Biden proposes 'historic new program' to address child care shortages

In his budget, the president is asking Congress for more money for child care and the restoration of several pandemic-era programs, including the full child care tax expansion.

White House beefs up child care block grants

A new rule caps the total amount low-income families have to pay for child care at 7% of their income and directs states to pay child care providers more fairly and on time.

As pandemic aid winds down, states scramble to fill gaps

COVID-19 left a lasting mark on a few sectors, with schools, public transit and child care providers facing fiscal cliffs as federal funding dries up. State legislators, many already grappling with shortfalls, are looking for solutions.

House passes bipartisan tax bill

The measure restores some of the popular expanded child tax credit, as well as a credit that helps states build affordable housing.

Child care gaps in rural America threaten to undercut small communities

Communities with child care deserts, or areas with an insufficient supply of child care providers, could see fewer working adults and poorer educational and behavioral health outcomes for children.

Child care programs see closures, resignations and tuition hikes after federal funding expires

In West Virginia, providers and parents are feeling the impact on the other side of the "child care cliff."

City leaders fund child care center with tax district typically used for roads, sewer

By creating a tax increment financing district, Madison, South Dakota, looks to build a child care center to improve local economic development and access to child care services.

‘Who’s going to work there?’: Lawmakers grapple with labor shortages

Affordable housing, reliable child care and available mental health services could be the key for state and local governments desperate to fill vacant job positions in their communities. Lawmakers are finding ways to meet workers' needs through legislation and funding.

In a hostile housing landscape, solutions emerge to support home-based child care providers

From the establishment of “child care-friendly landlords” to the construction of low-cost homes earmarked specifically for home-based providers, projects are underway to offer a salve to providers struggling to find and afford adequate housing.

Child care costs would fall for low-income families under new rule in government program

The Biden administration plans to strengthen the Child Care & Development Block Grant with easier access and copayment caps for families, along with more payment stability for child care providers.

Amid looming ‘child care cliff,’ states scramble to bolster programs

Billions in federal subsidies for child care providers are set to run out in September, causing as many as 3.2 million children nationwide to lose their daycare spots. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

How One State Is Tackling Child Care Challenges

Like much of the country, Michigan is navigating a shortage of child care providers. But federal funds, paired with efficient coordination between state agencies, has helped support hundreds of new providers in just one year.

New Executive Order Could Expand Access to Child Care and Long-Term Care

The order, signed Tuesday, comes after the president was unable to get through Congress a $400 billion package in 2021 that would have transformed the nation’s caregiving infrastructure. 

States Seek to Ease Child Care Crunch

The efforts come as federal pandemic aid is set to end.

Home-Based Care: Fixing the Childcare Drought in Rural America

Some rural counties are trying an approach to tackle childcare shortages. A new program supports home-based childcare providers with resources, education, and grants.

Child Care is Broken. Here’s How Governments are Trying to Fix it

From helping fund day care centers, to providing subsidies to care workers and families, states and localities are spending millions on what has become a crisis for the nation and its workforce.